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Quite a blast! (Literally!)

Simply put, 'Splosion Man is a fun little adventure for your 360 and is worth more than the 800 Microsoft Points you're going to pay for it.
'Splosion  Man is a simple game. You're a psychotic exploding science experiment gone wrong attempting to escape from a laboratory.   
The gameplay itself is simple. Instead of jumping, you explode. You can explode in the air up to three times, so to get to higher places you must 'splode your way off walls, off enemies or use a variety of explosive barrels that are found around the games 50 single player levels.
The game itself is your standard, addictive Puzzle-Platformer, but is made all the better by the games inane humor.
Even better is the co-op mode. Which allows you and a friend to play an additional 50 levels, bringing the total to 100.
'Splosion Man is a blast, both figuratively and literally, with it's fun platforming, unique charm, Co-op and unlockable avatar bonuses, why wouldn't you pick this up? So shell out those 800 MS points. You'll be glad you did!

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