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    Spot Goes to Hollywood

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released November 1995

    The 7 Up soft drink brand's lil' mascot returns in this isometric sequel to Cool Spot, ready to wreck havoc in stereotypical movie genres.

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    Spot Goes to Hollywood is a 2D isometric platformer developed by Eurocom and published by Virgin for the Sega Genesis in November 1995. The sequel to Cool Spot and the third game to feature Spot, the anthropomorphic red dot and then-mascot of the 7 Up brand of soft drinks. In similar vein to Sonic 3D Blast, Spot Goes to Hollywood takes the sidescrolling action of its predecessor and translate that to a sprite-based platformer in an isometric viewpoint.

    As one of the many Spots, players must run around various stages based on film genres, such as a pirate ship (pirate adventure genre), a haunted mansion (horror genre), an ancient ruins (adventure genre), and a space station (science-fiction genre).

    The game was later ported to the PlayStation and Sega Saturn by Burst, both released on November 30, 1996. Along with new graphics, new sounds, and new levels (based on the levels in the original version), the port features cutscenes that further develop the story (showing Spot being trapped inside a movie projector).


    Spot can jump and attack by firing soda bubbles which can be shot in all directions and while jumping. Spot can also cling to and climb on various things.

    In each level, the player must activate the "exit star" at the end of the level. The end of the level is not necessarily the point at the far right of the level map; the levels sometimes involve doors and winding walkways. In order to do so, the player is required to collect 60% of the plain "red spots" on each level. "Spots" are placed across the level in large quantities. A player's health is monitored by a Cool Spot face. Damage is taken by touching enemies, their projectiles, or certain level obstacles.

    The game has no save feature but does use checkpoints in the form of flagpoles. Once passed, the flag raises and a trumpet sounds. If a player loses a life after reaching a checkpoint, the player can restart further in the game.


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