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In its day Jedi Power Battles was a great brawler. Yet now it looks like a boring game with annoying mechanics. 0

With the release of a new trilogy Lucasarts decided to make a lot of Star Wars games. This one is loosely based on Episode I. They make use of characters from the movie to create a video game without caring about sticking to a script. Like the title might imply this game has the player use one of five Jedi to fight their way through 10 levels.Deflecting blaster bolts back at enemies is a constant task throughout the game. At least it seemed key to not dying all the time. Each of the 5 Jedi kni...

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This game is a pure classic 0

Star Wars Episode 1: Jedi Power Battles was the very first game I ever got, this game began my entire gaming "career". The graphics are relatively medicore, but the gameplay itself is very fun, abilities and other upgrades are earned after every stage or level. The multiplayer allows two players to play through the ten levels together, and is pretty good, although the camera views and controls can get very strange when two palyers are farther away from each other. There were a total of ten level...

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Jedi Power Battles 0

I originally played the PS1 version of this game, which was…for the most part plagued with various problems. It had poor control, mediocre graphics, and some extremely frustrating jumping sequences, and a bunch of glitches which just didn’t make your time playing the game any easier. But when I got my Dreamcast I decided to give the game a chance again, and immediately became hooked. The graphics were significantly better, the control was refined, the glitches fixed. It’s actually probably one o...

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