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    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released 1994

    Stargate is loosely based on the movie of the same name. A military team with a civilian archeologist traverse across space with an ancient portal and come to blows with an alien posing as a god.

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    Stargate is an action platformer on SNES and Genesis and a puzzle game on the Game Boy and Game Gear platforms. All versions of the game were developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Acclaim Entertainment.

    SNES and Genesis version

    In this side-scrolling shooter-platformer, the player controls Colonel O'Neil as he attempts to locate and rescue his team and find the missing nuclear bomb his team brought through the Stargate to seal it from the other end in case of an emergency.

    O'Neil can aim his machine gun in a number of directions to defeat enemies, and has a finite supply of grenades. The game is linear, but there are hidden areas the player can find by searching each level.

    Game Boy and Game Gear version

    The portable version of Stargate is a more abstract puzzle game that involves placing hieroglyphs in stacks inside a cylindrical tunnel that is superficially similar to Tempest. When a series of three matching icons are placed so they touch horizontally, diagonally or vertically, they are removed and their related symbol is grayed out along the top. All seven symbols must be grayed out to complete the level.

    The game's story involves Dr. Daniel Jackson and Ra fighting over a group of Stargates, deciphering each Stargate's code before the other can.


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