Stella Lecarde

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    The older sister of Loretta, and daughter of Eric Lecarde. In Portrait of Ruin the evil Brauner turns Stella and her sister into vampires that are under his control.

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    Stella and her sister Loretta entered the castle in the game, looking for their father, Eric. Eventually, they find their father mortally wounded and are ambushed by Brauner who transforms them into vampires.

    After being turned into a vampire, Stella begins to hold humans in low regard. Despite direct orders from Brauner not to do so, Stella attacked Charlotte Aulin and Jonathan Morris, attempting to kill them. In the canon ending to the game, Stella and her sister are turned back into humans by a sanctuary spell cast by Charlotte. After being cured of her vamprism, she and Loretta offer to perform a ritual that will increase the power of Jonathon's weapon, the Vampire Killer. When the ghost of Stella's father appears to her, she becomes emotionally distressed, believing that she is largely responsible for her father's death, being the older sister of her family.

    In a non-canon ending to the game, Jonathan and Charlotte kill Stella and Loretta. Stella is voiced by Mariko Suzuki.


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