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    Street Smart

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released August 1989

    A mix between a beat 'em up and a fighting game from SNK.

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    Street Smart is a brawler/fighter hybrid released originally for the arcade by SNK and later ported to the Sega Genesis by Treco.

    In this game the player travel across the U.S.A. participating in a street fighting tournament. The player chooses to fight one on one or two on two (depending on the number of players) using a simple punch, kick, jump battle system with a beat 'em up like z-plane movement.

    The theme of the first stage was reused as the two-player battle theme for SNK's Fatal Fury for the Neo Geo. Some fans believe that the karate guy looks like Takuma Sakazaki from SNK's Art of Fighting and The King of Fighters series but that theory has never been confirmed by SNK.

    Arcade 1989

    The original SNK arcade game features two protagonists: a karate guy and a wrestler. The karate character is quicker while the wrestler packs more of a punch. As a contemporary of Capcom's Street Fighter, Street Smart tries something different by letting the player play through the entire game two-player. This took it farther from the fighting game genre that was being codified and positioned it closer to the beat 'em up genre that originally birthed the fighting game genre.

    This game was JAMMA compatible.

    Genesis 1991

    Street Smart was ported to Genesis by Treco in 1991. The notable graphical differences are the blockier sprites, fewer colors on screen, the main character's red outfit, and the addition of a health bar for enemies.

    The biggest additions are an in-game betting system, wherein the player could win the match or throw the match depending on bets being made, the addition of a power move (done by pressing all three buttons in combination), a level up system, and a new final boss. Three new endings were also added to the Genesis version of the game.

    PSP minis

    The game was ported to PlayStation's PSP minis lineup by G1M2. This version of the game was a port of the Arcade version.


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