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In this latest entry in Nintendo's Style Savvy series, players once again tasked with managing a popular fashion boutique where they must help their customers pick out items or even entire outfits that match their style and various other specifications they give you. Additionally, there's a new fashion design element to this game as well, letting players create their own clothes from a variety of templates and fabric options. The game will feature over 19,000 unique items of clothing and accessories, almost double the number of items from the previous game. Fashion shows and photo shoots return as well and, in a first for the series, players will also take on the roles of a make-up artist and of a hair stylist.

Amiibo Support

When playing on a New Nintendo 3DS, players can obtain special items of clothing that are inspired by various Nintendo characters by placing certain Amiibo onto the system's touch screen. Amiibo with special items attached to them include:

MarioMario beret
Princess PeachPrincess Crown
YoshiYoshi hoodie
KirbyKirby handbag
RosalinaStarry Dress
LucinaWarrior Skirt
Princess ZeldaPrincess Tiara
SamusGalactic Visor
Zero Suit SamusBounty Hunter Boots
Wii Fit TrainerYoga Earrings
PalutenaGoddess Top
SheikSheikah Scarf
Inkling GirlInky Leggings
IsabelleTown Secretary Shirt

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