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Superman is a 1987 NES game developed by Seika and published by Kemco. The game loosely follows the plot of the first two films in the Superman series starring Christopher Reeve. The enemies in the game are Lex Luthor and General Zod. The player is given a map of Metropolis and is told where to go in the game. Oddly though, Superman is not able to fly anywhere unless he gets a special powerup. Most of the time he has to walk, battling enemies on the way. The player starts out in the game as Clark Kent, but is able to change into Superman in a telephone booth if they have enough super powers built up. The game is played in a sidescrolling view and, like most Superman games, is of a generally poor quality.

Super Powers

  • X-Ray vision
  • Super Flight
  • Super Spin
  • Heat Vision
  • Super Hearing
  • Super Breath I
  • Super Breath II

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