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    Syphon Filter 3

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 07, 2001

    Syphon Filter 3, released on November 7th, 2001, is the third game in the Syphon Filter Series, keeping most elements from the previous games intact, while being most notable for its similarities to the first games.

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     In the Syphon Filter series players control Gabriel Logan, an intelligence agent for the United States Government. As Gabe, players are sent across the world to stop the deadly Syphon filter virus, while rescuing hostages, and killing terrorists. In Syphon Filter 3, Gabe's enemy is the US Government, as the Syphon Filter team is suspected of treason, and the whole team is under trial by Secretary of State Vincent Hadden.  He is convinced that the team is guilty, and does everything in his power to prove it.   


    •  Lieutenant (2nd) Gabriel "Gabe" Logan, USA, is a special operatives field agent who is the former Director of the International Presidential Consulting Agency and member of the Agency under Benton's command. 
    • Lian Xing is Logan's 2nd in command at the Agency under Benton's command. 
    • Teresa Lipan is a fellow agent with Logan.
    • Lawrence Mujari is a friend of Teresa Lipan's. 
    • Secretary of State Vincent Hadden is responsible for making the Syphon Filter team testify. 


     Syphon Filter 3 is a third person shooter with the ability to lock onto enemies with the R1 button, and first person aiming for more precise shots. You can toggle through enemies by tapping the R1 button again, and the enemies will show up as a dot on your radar. Each mission provides a map and a list of objectives for you to complete, with most objectives being the "Get to a place, hit the use key next to a thing" variety. The gameplay is vastly similar to the previous two Syphon Filter games.   

    Critical Reception

     Syphon Filter 3 was met with mixed reception, with scores ranging from 9.0 (Game Informer) to 4.6 (Gaming Age). Many critics agreed that the game was simply refusing to evolve from it's predecessors, and it suffered because of it. The actual consumers thought much better of it, ignoring the little changes from Syphon Filter 2 to 3 in light of the gameplay and story.

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