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    Temple of Veeshan

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    The Temple of Veeshan is home to some of the oldest, strongest dragons in all of Norrath.

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    South Hall
    South Hall

    The Temple of Veeshan is home to the mightiest of dragons in all of Velious. Much of the temple is off limits even to the most devout followers of dragonkind as well as those Lord Yelinak would regard as an ally. For no matter what good deeds a Norrathian has performed in the name of dragons, ultimately dragons are simply superior to the "second generation" of races, and this is their most holiest of places. The dragons were here before the other gods took notice of Norrath, and they will likely be here after the other races die out. The south wing is where those that made it past Sontalak outside will arrive in the temple. Though, once inside, there is no immediate means of exiting. The south wing has one enormous straight hallway decked with dozens of almost life-size paintings of some of Norrath's most notable dragons including Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen. This hall is guarded by small drakes of various shades. This hall is safe to those allied with the Claws of Veeshan, as is the west wing, known as the Hall of Relics.

    Lendiniara the Keeper
    Lendiniara the Keeper

    The Hall of Relics is overseen by Lendiniara the Keeper, one of the few remaining First Brood dragons. The hall gets its name due to the vast amount of powerful items that can be found here. They can be obtained by the dragon's friends through quests offered by Lendiniara, Telkorenar, and Gozzrem, or by more nefarious means as those who side with the giants of Kael will tell you. Many of the wurms, drakes, and dragons of the Hall of Relics carry armor molds and patterns that can be crafted by the giants into some of the best equipment ever seen.

    The east wing, known as the Hall of Testing, was built for exactly that reason; to test those devout to dragonkind. At the end of this wing is a cursed dragon known as Dozekar who must continually be defeated by the lesser races of Norrath as punishment for an unknown crime. Some believe him to be the father of Kerafyrm, but these rumors have little proof.

    Lord Vyemm
    Lord Vyemm

    The north wing of the temple, known as Vault of Worship, is the largest wing and is completely off limits to anyone other than dragons themselves. The wing is guarded first by the massive Aaryonar and his legion of flurrying drakes. Those skillful enough to defeat him will be met with an enormous lava pit, where a chamber seems to almost hover above. A slippery path leads both left and right around the pit. To the right resides Dagarn the Destroyer, the most powerful of shardwurms; Lord Feshlak, an extremely rare golden dragon; and Lord Kreizenn, the master of fire and flame. To the left is a dragon stronger than the previous three combined, Lord Vyemm, who has the ability to summon any adventurer then quickly cast them away, often sending them into the pit of lava. Further around to the left is a small pond of immeasurable depths, where Lord Koi'doken, an aquatic dragon, resides. Just beyond his pool lives Lady Mirenilla, a deadly shadow knight dragon. Whether taking the left or right route, once the other side of the lava pit is reached, plunderers could either venture deeper into the temple or cross the bridge to the chamber that hangs above the pit.

    Lady Nevederia & Jorlleag
    Lady Nevederia & Jorlleag

    This chamber is where the council of elders meet. Entering the council chamber without first dispatching the other dragons would be quite unwise, for Vulak`Aerr will summon the aid of his friends if he can, and Vulak`Aerr alone is a foe that not many live to tell about. Just north of the council chamber is a tiny alcove with what appears to be a dollhouse. Touching the dollhouse could be good or bad depending upon your level of insanity, for it will transport you to the madness known as the Plane of Mischief. Ignoring the house and taking the hall north will lead to the triplets known as Cekenar, Zlexak, and Sevalak who use the powers of lightning, chaos, and disease respectively. Travelling east from the house of mischief reveals how the dragons come and go from the temple, as the roof opens up to the skies above. Here, Lady Nevederia and Jorlleag use the powers of wind and ice to keep watch over the secret entrance. Nearby is a portal back to the Western Wastes for those unable to fly out. Each one of these aforementioned dragons carry treasures unmatched by anything seen on Norrath by this point in history. Even the most devout dragon followers are often enticed to enter raids on the north wing greedily seeking riches.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Claws of Veeshan
    • Guardians of Veeshan
    • Yelinak


    Notable NPCs

    • Aaryonar
    • Ajorek the Crimson Fang
    • Arreken Skyward
    • Bryrym
    • Carx`Vean
    • Casalen
    • Cekenar
    • Dagarn the Destroyer
    • Dozekar the Cursed
    • Eashen of the Sky
    • Gozzrem
    • Gra`Vloren
    • Hsrek
    • Ikatiar the Venom
    • Jorlleag
    • Kal`Vunar
    • Kalkar of the Maelstrom
    • Kedrak
    • Krigara
    • Lady Mirenilla
    • Lady Nevederia
    • Lendiniara the Keeper
    • Lepethida
    • Lord Feshlak
    • Lord Koi`Doken
    • Lord Kreizenn
    • Lord Vyemm
    • Lurian
    • Malteor Flamecaller
    • Mazrien
    • Midayor
    • Nir`Tan
    • Quellod Earthspirit
    • Sevalak
    • Tavekalem
    • Telkorenar
    • Thylex of Veeshan
    • Vukuz
    • Vulak`Aerr
    • Vyldin Flamereaver
    • Yrrindor Emerald Claw
    • Zlexak
    • Zyerek Onyxblood

    Notable Items

    • Abashi's Rod of Disempowerment
    • Akkirus' Mask of Warfare
    • Amulet of the Dreadgazer
    • Amulet of the Storm
    • Ancient Fire Etched Flamberge
    • Ancient Pirate's Eyepatch
    • Ancient Wurm Hide Greaves
    • Ancient Wurm Hide Robe
    • Ancient Wyvern Hide Boots
    • Ancient Wyvern Hide Leggings
    • Ancient Wyvern Hide Sleeves
    • Ancient Wyvern Hide Tunic
    • Axe of Resistance
    • Barrier of Sound
    • Baton of Flame
    • Beldron's Vambraces of Impiety
    • Belt of the Destroy
    • Black Rock Maul of Crushing
    • Blackstar, Mace of Night
    • Blydreln's Bane
    • Boots of Superiority
    • Boots of the Dead Dream
    • Boots of the Destroyer
    • Bow of the Destroyer
    • Bow of the Silver Fang
    • Bracelet of Protection
    • Bracelet of the Deep Sea
    • Bracelet of the Sky
    • Breastplate of Superiority
    • Brother Xave's Headband
    • Camii's Bracer of Vigor
    • Cekenar's Claw
    • Chestplate of Fiery Might
    • Circlet of Silver Skies
    • Circlet of Suffering
    • Circlet of Summer
    • Claw of Lightning
    • Cloak of Silver Eyes
    • Cloak of the Sky
    • Cloak of Thorns
    • Cloak of Venom
    • Crown of Resiliance
    • Crystasia's Crystal Ring
    • Dagarn's Tail
    • Dawncaller, Blade of the Morning
    • Do`Vassir's Gauntlets of Might
    • Dragon Skin Bracelet
    • Dragonrib Club
    • Dragonspine Rapier
    • Earring of the Icecaster
    • Ebony Headband
    • Emerald Bastardsword of Purity
    • Eye of the Rigtorgn
    • Facesmasher
    • Feeliux's Cord of Velocity
    • Fist of Lightning
    • Flame Etched Short Sword
    • Frosted Ice Spike
    • Frostwrath
    • Gaudralek, Sword of the Sky
    • Ghar's Rock of Smashing
    • Girdle of Dark Power
    • Gloves of Stability
    • Great Spear of Dawn
    • Greaves of the Deep Sea
    • Hand of the Master
    • Helm of the Deep Sea
    • Helmet of the Crawler
    • Hobart's War Helmet
    • Ikatiar's Stinger
    • Jaelen's Katana
    • Katana of Pain
    • Kelsiferous' Armband of Artistry
    • Kreizenn's Flame
    • Lance of Thunder
    • Lendiniara's Talisman
    • Maclaer's Boots of Silence
    • Mask of Fall
    • Mask of Superiority
    • Mask of Terror
    • Mask of the Sky
    • Mask of Venom
    • Medal of Deep Thought
    • Meljeldin, Bane of Giants
    • Melodic Charm
    • Mithril Boots
    • Mithril Gauntlets
    • Mithril Helm
    • Mrylokar's Dagger of Vengeance
    • Necklace of Nightstalking
    • Net of the Deep Sea
    • Nevederia's Claw
    • Nevederia's Horn
    • Nevederia's Left Eye
    • Nevederia's Right Eye
    • Onyx Chain Leggings
    • Onyx Chain Sleeves
    • Onyx Gauntlets
    • Orb of the Crimson Bull
    • Orb of the Deep Sea
    • Palladius' Axe of Slaughter
    • Pauldrons of Blight
    • Poison Soaked Tunic
    • Reaper's Ring
    • Rekeklo's War Sword
    • Ring of Relkententinar
    • Ring of Superiority
    • Ring of the Sky
    • Rocksmasher
    • Rowyl's Metal Armguards
    • Runed Fang Necklace
    • Sal`Varae's Robe of Darkness
    • Shadow Fang Necklace
    • Shawl of Perception
    • Shield of Fury
    • Shield of Midnight
    • Shield of the Dawn
    • Shield of the Protector
    • Shield of the Wurms
    • Shield of Thorns
    • Shining Metallic Pantaloons
    • Shiny Metallic Gloves
    • Shiny Metallic Sleeves
    • Shovel of the Harvest
    • Silver Bracelet of Rage
    • Silver Chains
    • Silver Dagger of Destruction
    • Silver Disk
    • Silver Girdle of Stability
    • Silver Whip of Rage
    • Siren Song, Dagger of the Sea
    • Sirran's Boots of Insanity
    • Sky Watcher's Monocle
    • Sledge of Smashing
    • Solist's Earring of Insight
    • Spinning Orb of Confusion
    • Sprinkler of the Spirits
    • Ssra's Bloodstone Eyepatch
    • Staff of the Silent Star
    • Thunderstone
    • Tolan's Longsword of the Glade
    • Transparent Eyepatch
    • Trident of the Deep Sea
    • True Mithril Breastplate
    • Truesight Helmet
    • Tvenken's Slippers of Silence
    • Twisted Steel Bastard Sword
    • Twisted Steel Gauntlets
    • Unopenable Box
    • Valtron's Necklace of Wonder
    • Vambraces of Discontent
    • Velium Maul of Superiority
    • Verlekarnorm's Horn of Distaster
    • Vilk's Pauldrons of Pain
    • Vyemm's Fang
    • Vyemm's Left Eye
    • Vyemm's Right Eye
    • Vyrinn's Earring of Insanity
    • Wand of the Black Dragon Eye
    • Whitestone Shield
    • Windraider's Belt
    • Wurm Claw Pauldrons
    • Wurmscale Fistwraps
    • Yakatizma's Shield of Crafting

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