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    Kael Drakkel

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    Kael Drakkel is home to the storm giants and frost giants of Velious.

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    Tormax's Castle
    Tormax's Castle

    Kael is the stronghold of the giants of Velious. It rests between the vast Eastern Wastes and the lush forest of the Wakening Land. Anyone wishing to venture to the western half of the continent must pass through the storm giant city. They are arguably the most devout worshippers of Rallos Zek found anywhere on the planet. The north wing of the city is devoted entirely to their lord and creator. The temple includes a massive arena built in memory of Porlos, slayer of Lord Yelinak's mate, Hsagra. Also found in the temple is an enormous, even for giants' standards, statue of the Warlord himself. Under the right circumstances, adventurers can battle the statue to prove they are worthy to face the Avatar of War. When entering the city from the Eastern Wastes, one will pass through the primitive living quarters of the Kromrif faction, who are dedicated to the war against the Coldain. The rest of the city consists mostly of the Kromzek faction, who are dedicated to the war against Veeshan's children, the dragons. The dragons see the mere prescence of the giants in this region of the world as sacrilege. The Kromzek areas are much more elaborate and advanced than the Kromrif district. The streets are paved with the crushed bones of their enemies while savage wolves patrol the pits beneath the city devouring any scraps tossed aside by the giants.

    Temple of Rallos Zek
    Temple of Rallos Zek

    The center of the city acts as a hub for the different districts of Kael including the city's bank, fortified with both stone and steel. To the south is King Tormax's castle, where he and the most elite storm giants reside. Tormax's throne is built within the skull of Lady Hsagra, one of the First Brood dragons. A council of advisors line the halls beyond Tormax's throne offering some of the best armor ever seen for each individual class in return for surviving the western wing of the Temple of Veeshan and returning with various molds and patterns. King Tormax and his army are constantly fighting on two fronts, which works quite well for those who choose to side with them, for they can obtain great wealth through quests involving the deaths of both dwarves and dragons. The Claws of Veeshan are easily the primary target though. Since the giants are enemies to both the Coldain and Claws of Veeshan though, the city is often overrun with adventurers attempting to prove their worth to either Thurgadin or Skyshrine by slaying the giants. This can prove quite troublesome for adventurers who use Kael as a base of operations for their journeys in Velious, but that's what makes the region so dynamic.

    Neighboring Zones


    • King Tormax
    • Kromrif
    • Kromzek

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    MerchantGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Bendad the TraderBags
    Bjorak StonefistFood
    Graggaz FleshflayerLeather Armor, Cloth Armor
    Kellek FelhammerAlcohol
    Kevelak WhitefangAccessories
    Pollos StormkeeperBank
    Svekk FangbinderFoodFishing
    Wevek RedforgeWeapons, Shields
    Weyen StonetraderBank
    Weyrevar BluehammerPlate Armor
    YmikAmmo, Spell Reagents


    Notable NPCs

    • The Avatar of War
    • Barlek Stonefist [Paladin]
    • Bjarorm Mjlorn [Necromancer]
    • Bjrakor the Cold
    • Bygloirn Omorden [Bard]
    • Captain Bvellos
    • Clrakk Blackfist
    • Dagron Stonecutter [Monk]
    • Derakor the Vindicator
    • Dlammaz Stormslayer
    • Fjokar Frozenshard
    • Gkrean Prophet of Tallon
    • Gleed Dragonhunter
    • Gragek Mjlorkigar [Ranger]
    • Grand Armsmith Korin
    • The Idol of Rallos Zek
    • Jaglorm Ygorr [Druid]
    • Kallis Stormcaller
    • Keldor Dek`Torek
    • Kelenek Bluadfeth [Rogue]
    • King Tormax
    • Klaggan Iceshard
    • Klraggek the Slayer
    • Kragek Thunderforge [Warrior]
    • Kromrif Recruiter
    • Kyenka
    • Miriku the Chaotic
    • Mjeldor Felstorm [Magician]
    • Nerik Wolfsoul [Beastlord]
    • Noble Helssen
    • Nojas Blackfist
    • Reivaj the Battlerager
    • Semkak Prophet of Vallon
    • Slaggak the Trainer
    • Staff Sergeant Drioc
    • The Statue of Rallos Zek
    • Stoem Lekbar [Enchanter]
    • Tuuak
    • Ulkar Jollkarek [Wizard]
    • Vealok the Angry
    • Veldern Blackhammer [Shadow Knight]
    • Vkjor
    • Vylleam Vyaeltor [Cleric]
    • Wenglawks Kkeak
    • Yeeldan Spiritcaller [Shaman]
    • Yetarr

    Notable Items

    • Antlered Mask
    • Axe of the Kromzek Kings
    • Barbed Dragonscale Pauldrons
    • Bear Skins of Rage
    • Belt of Dwarfskulls
    • Black Bear Pelt Cloak
    • Black Blade of Tormenting
    • Blade of Carnage
    • Book of Strategy
    • Book of Tactics
    • Boots of Dark Passage
    • Boots of the Storm
    • Boots of the Vindicator
    • Bow of the Huntsman
    • Bracelet of Swirling Smoke
    • Bracer of Midnight
    • Breastplate of Eradication
    • Cerulean Gauntlets
    • Chestplate of Vindication
    • Circlet of Cerulean Smoke
    • Circlet of Tallon
    • Circlet of Vallon
    • Cloak of the Falling Stars
    • Cloak of the Maelstrom
    • Coldain Skin Boots
    • Coldain Skin Gloves
    • Corroded Chain Armor
    • Corroded Plate Armor
    • Crown of the Kromzek Kings
    • Dark Spear of Venom
    • Defiance
    • Derakor's Head
    • Derakor's Heart
    • Dire Wolf-Hide Cloak
    • Dragonhide Belt
    • Engraved Bone Pauldrons
    • Engraved Skull Amulet
    • Eroded Leather Armor
    • Eyepatch of the Shadows
    • Flamesong
    • Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask
    • Flayed Barbarian Skin Leggings
    • Frostbringer
    • Frozen Chest Straps
    • Frozen Shard
    • Gauntlets of Iron Tactics
    • Gem of Rage
    • Giant Scalemail Armor
    • Gladiator's Chain Leggings
    • Gladiator's Chain Sleeves
    • Glimmering Mithril Torque
    • Glowing Black Sword
    • Greaves of Avoidance
    • Hammer of Battle
    • Hammer of Rage
    • Helmet of Rallos Zek
    • The Horn of Hsagra
    • Iron Scroll of War
    • King Tormax's Head
    • Lieutenant's Helm
    • Living Thunder Earring
    • Mask of War
    • Noble's Walking Staff
    • Orb of the Infinite Void
    • Reaver
    • Ring of Destruction
    • Ring of Lightning
    • Rune Etched Icewurm Fang
    • Runed Frost Blade
    • Scepter of Mastery
    • Shard of Hsagra's Talisman
    • Shield of Battle
    • Sickly Glowing Orb
    • Silver Dragon Tattoo
    • Silver Steel Gauntlets
    • Silvery Belt of Contention
    • Silvery Mask
    • Steel Wristband of Strategy
    • Swiftblade of Zek
    • Thin Banded Belt
    • Thunder Etched Gauntlets
    • Thunder Runed Dagger
    • Thunder Runed War Spear
    • Torn Enchanted Silk Armor
    • Tuuak's Fishgutter
    • Tuuak's Fishing Pole
    • Vehement Sword of Reivaj
    • Velium Encrusted Gauntlets
    • Velium Swiftblade
    • Velium War Mask
    • War Bow of Rallos Zek
    • White Bear Pelt Cloak
    • White Dragon Scale Sash
    • Wrist Guard of Thunder

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