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Leaps forward, odd shuffles back. 2

So like most great games the little nit picky things carry a lot of weight. I've decided to have this review focus on those aspects of the game, but make no mistake this is a great game. Easily a 5 star go buy the flippin' game, game.   The doesn't hurt the game but is missed group.  Whammy: So in guitar hero and rock band the whammy bar will alter the pitch of a sustain up and down as you shake the little guy. It also has the game play effect of giving you more juice (star power, over dive or i...

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The Beatles: World at War 0

  The Beatles: Rock Band is a mighty collaboration between numerous video game and music companies of which I cannot possibly be made to list. If anything, I can imagine a behind-the-scenes war between Apple Corps and Harmonix over the order of titling with one side refusing the title of “Rock Band: The Beatles” or “Rock Band Beatles Track Pack.” But in any event, money will be paid, royalties will be traded left and right, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the estate of Michael Jackson. ...

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With The Beatles Again 1

“By reinterpreting an essential symbol of one generation in the medium and technology of another, The Beatles: Rock Band provides a transformative entertainment experience. In that sense it may be the most important video game yet made.” Seth Schiesel, the New York Times video game critic, declared this upon the release of The Beatles: Rock Band on September 9, 2009. In the field of journalism, this type of statement is viewed as hyperbole. And it is. However, Schiesel makes a somewhat valid...

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Beatles Rock Band Review 0

 Well if you can't guess from the title this a stand-alone Rock Band game featuring the one and only Beatles. Now because of some crazy legal stuff this game truly stands alone, not allowing any other Rock Band to interact with it. Now let's just say up front that if you're not a  Beatles fan, you're not going to enjoy this game nearly as much as someone who has grown up listening to them. The graphics, I have to say were a great surprise. I wish you could create your own characters to throw int...

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A Magical Mystery Tour You Don't Want To Miss 0

 Music. It moves us, molds us, makes us who we are. It brings out emotions within us and floods our brains with distant memories of days long gone. For almost 5 years now, music video games have tried to incorporate all of those things successfully, but none of them have succeeded the way The Beatles: Rock Band has. This glorious look back at the most popular band in history is filled with wonderment and marvel and is, simply put, awesome. As soon as you jump into The Beatles: Rock Band, you ar...

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The Beatles make a smooth transition to the music game genre. 0

The Beatles.  The Beatles is the greatest band of all time. It doesn't matter if you don't like them, The Beatles is straight-up the most prolific, succesful and famous band of all time. With the new rise of plastic instrument popularity, Harmonix decided to capitalize on The Beatles past--and arguably still current--fame. Even though the set list is the smallest in the Rock Band series, and the fact that even The Beatles can get stale after 5 hours of hearing Paul McCartney and John Lennon trad...

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Fun songs = fun rhythm game. Who'd have thunk it. 0

The Beatles: Rock Band carries the weighty name of Rock Band, and the infinitely more weighty name of the Beatles - one of the most beloved music groups of all time.  Fortunately for both fans of Rock Band and The Beatles, this game carries those names well, and ultimately delivers an experience that draws on the things you love and gives you something that is fundamentally original.  Of course, this is a Rock Band title, and brings everything you'd expect from that franchise.  You still have yo...

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 AN ARTISTIC AND BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE OF THE HIGHEST REGARD!Respect is easy to say but hard to demonstrate, one can say they respect a belief but showing that respect is a whole different matter. So when I finished experiencing the fourty-five strong setlist of The Beatles: Rock Band, I was left with a refreshing satisfaction that respect still shines brightly in the world of videogames. For Rock Band developers Harmonix Music Systems have shown nothing but absolute respect for everything the le...

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Video Review: The Beatles Rock Band 2

       Getting excited for music games is hard now because of the sheer volume that get released each year. Which meant going into The Beatles: Rock Band was both worrying and exciting; I mean how do you make a Rock Band game exciting again? Easy, put the Beatles in it and polish the Rock Band experience. The rooftops get chilly If you have ever played a Rock Band game or Guitar Hero game before then it will be pretty familiar to you by now. You can choose from the lead guitar, bass guitar, dru...

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All You Need Is Love 1

‘Lovingly crafted’ is sadly not a phrase associated with many games these days. This is because the gaming industry is driven by an incredible thirst for profit. Not innovation, not quality, just cold hard cash. The games themselves reflect this, as for the most part, games produced are rushed, opportunistic, money-grabbing disasters. In recent years the rhythm genre has become one of the worst offenders, with Activision pumping out stale Guitar Hero sequels and spin off’s year after year. This ...

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Saving a tiresome genre. 0

Video Review:    By Tom Acres - Systemlink Blog...

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Good luck finding a music game as fun and authentic as this one. 0

 If you haven't heard of The Beatles, you might not have heard of any other band in the history of mankind. They were that popular and that influential, and so it's only fit that a music game ought to be made based on their music and career. Fortunately for everyone who likes The Beatles, Harmonix was able to secure the rights to make the game with the same style as Rock Band; put the two together and we get The Beatles: Rock Band: the most fun and authentic music game I have ever played despite...

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The Fab Four Reunite 2

If you are a Beatles fan in any sort of way this is by far  a must buy game. I loved Rock Band 1 and 2. Personally I though Rock Band is leagues beyond Guitar Hero. After playing Rock Band 2 I kind of gave up on the whole music game genre. I felt they were fun but got old fast. The Beatles had always been my favorite band in history. and when Guitar Hero came out with Aerosmith I thought that it was a cool idea for them to center on one band. I work at Blockbuster so we pushed both Guitar Hero a...

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I have more to say but... 1

As a player, this is GOTY for me. I love it. I will post more later, but everything from the dream-scapes to the recordings of the songs, to the rewards, make this wonderful.  From the lkittle moments, such as before the songs begin, to the bigger ones where they create an actual visual scape to represent the songs in Abbey Road - this game just represents all that John, Paul, George and Ringo had to offer. Love, love, love (as the song says)....

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The Beatles: Rock Band Review 0

The fab four have done the insane and are releasing their music in a game before the expected outlets such as iTunes. Has Apple Corp’s gamble on the creators of the Rock Band/ Guitar Hero franchises, Harmonix, paid off, or has it left our plastic guitars weeping?The Beatles: Rock Band is a title which knows its audience. From the outset it pulls out all of the stops to ensure that Beatle fanatics are pleased and treats the band with respect, all while somehow creating a game that is a fantastica...

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The Beatles: Rockband Review 0

 The Beatles Rockband is definitely the biggest release in September. It has 45 Beatles tracks which are all great, there are a couple that were left out that shouldn't have been. The game is great, I bought it on release because of the lack of Dirt 2 at the store, so it wasn't at the top of my list, but I wanted a new game so I bought it. I beat the story in about 3-4 hours, and I loved the background videos for most of the songs. Throughout the course of the story you play through The Beatles ...

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Ringo is the coolest cat 0

 The Beatles: Rock Band or Rock Band: The Beatles is a perfect music game. The reason it is perfect is because the music, graphics and attention to details in the game makes the complete game package something to adore and love, as much as a real Beatles souvenir.  The only fault and it isn’t a big one is the amount of tracks you get on the disc, you don’t get anymore than 40 tracks, but remember DLC is coming and with each track, you either get a dreamscape effect, which is a visual representat...

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Truly a joy to play and this is coming from a new beatles fan. 0

Now I've known about the beatles my entire life ( 15 years) but I never really listened to them. When I heard that harmonix was making a beatles rock band I thought " What a great way for me to listen to the beatles AND enjoy more rock band" And all I can sya is wow. Not only is this the best rock band in terms of gameplay, but it's also the best band-centric game so far. I can also say that I am now a beatles fan. Harmonix has done a great job with  every detail of the beatles 7 year music care...

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A triumph of presentation and style 0

I really don't like the Beatles: I don't enjoy their music and I find their whole mythology an irritation. Somehow  Harmonix have managed to sell me something I don't like and have a great time playing it? I think it is in no small part to the quality of the production, and the visual flare used in the presentation of many of the songs. It hasn't made me a fan of the band, but I can honestly say I really enjoyed playing their music in the game.    ...

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We Love You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: Beatles Rock Band is Compelling 0

There was a lot of anticipation regarding the release of the Beatles edition of Harmonix’s superior  Rock Band, and honestly, I didn’t get what all the fuss was about.  True, the Beatles as are big of a pop band as ever was or may even even be, but having everyone play music exclusively from one band for the entirety of a  Rock Band session (which can go for hours, with my friends) seemed tedious.  I wasn’t even that big of a fan of the Beatles.Well, I was pretty wrong.  After having played  The...

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Best game to date in the series 0

This review was originally written for my blog. So, a while back I played, and reviewed, the first major rhythm game to be based around a particular rock band – Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. I reviewed it almost a year ago,  and I didn’t think it was all bad. Well, this year I’ve picked up Harmonix’s take on the concept. With the game I reviewed a year ago, Neversoft took the Guitar Hero series, took some of Aerosmith’s hit tracks and put some relevant tracks by other artists around it. Harmo...

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All you need is plastic instruments 0

Harmonix have always been fully committed to DLC with their Rock Band franchise; with new songs released every week to amass a gigantic library of content from a whole host of different genres and artists. However, one band has thus far eluded the downloadable sonisphere; specifically because they demand a much bigger stage than a single track pack. Harmonix have faithfully obliged, taking a year out – and possibly more – to skip Rock Band 3 and put as much time and effort in to create a game wo...

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The Beatles: Rock Band impressions 0

During another craving of mine to go back & play some Rock Band, I decided to playthrough The Beatles Rock Band; again. I always planed to tackle this game with a friend the way Rock Band games are meant to be played, local multiplayer. Even though this never came to be, it didn't stop me from playing & 5 staring every song on the disk in quickplay. One day while looking at my stack of un-played Rock Band games, I decided it was time to finish it by myself.The Beatles Rock Band is pure f...

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I am the Walrus - The Beatles: Rock Band Review 0

 When I was growing up, my mom never sang lullabies to me but Top 40 songs which included a lot of The Beatles. I was unfortunate to hear the band live or see them in their prime. I am fortunate to have picked up The Beatles: Rock Band for the Xbox 360 and having a hard time putting it down.This game covers the songs they played and historical events they took place in. The songs are memorable and any rock fan should know some of their work. Seeing the graphical reenactment of playing in Shea St...

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A love letter to the greatest band of all-time 0

   The Ed Sullivan Theater is one of the many classic venues that appear in The Beatles: Rock Band When Rock Band debuted in 2007, if someone had asked me what I thought I’d be doing on 9/9/09, I likely would’ve told them that my night would be filled with Shenmue, Power Stone, alcohol and tears while celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast. “Playing a Beatles-centric music game” probably wouldn’t have even entered into my thought process. This time two years ago, the original Roc...

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The Fab Four + Plastic Instruments = Best Music Game Yet 0

I am going to be completely honest and come out and say that when I first heard that Harmonix (developer of Guitar Hero 1 and 2 as well as Rock Band 1 and 2) was going to develop a band-specific game I was kind of upset. The reason being Activision (who has developed all the Guitar Heros from Guitar Hero 3 on) has put out two full band games as of now and neither did the bands justice. So hearing that The Beatles were getting their own game was kind of off putting. My mind was changed aft...

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