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The Deckers are one of the three gangs who belong to The Syndicate, a criminal conglomerate that controls Steelport in Saints Row: The Third. The Deckers, led by Matt Miller, head The Syndicate's cyber crime and money laundering operations. Taking the money earned by the Morning Star's human trafficking and prostitution and the Luchadore's gambling and drug dealing, and funneling it through online shell corporations to legitimize the entire operation. They also have a large identity theft operation that funds most of their own luxuries. The Deckers are responsible for hacking The Saints bank accounts and stealing all their assets.

Almost all members of the Deckers are male, teenagers, and are European or have European accents. The exception is the gang's specialist, a teenage British girl dual wielding D4TH Blossom submachine guns and a shock hammer, which can be picked up and used to create explosions on contact. They also move at supersonic speeds and have the ability to teleport. However, they are quite fragile.

The Deckers' main headquarters are in the abandoned Burn Hills Reactors, overlooking the Stanfield district of Steelport. This district acts as the Decker's main turf and where the player can find all Deckers mission, gang operations and gang members.

After the mission "http://deckers.die", the Deckers gang is wiped out and The Saints take control of the reactor stronghold, re-branding it as a Saints HQ.

The Code of the Deckers

1. #UpgradeorDie

2. Theres nothin u cant say in 140 characters

3. Anonimity is for ****


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