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The Morning Star are the main gang in The Syndicate, a crime conglomerate that runs Steelport in Saints Row: The Third. They are led by Phillipe Loren and run mostly by his lieutenants Viola and Kiki DeWynter. The Morning Star's main business is in human trafficking and prostitution, running various brothels and Safeword, the largest S&M club in Steelport. They keep these clubs staffed with illegal immigrants and kidnapped women who are smuggled in by boat to the Steelport docks which are guarded by The Luchadores, another gang that is part of The Syndicate. The money made by these illegal practices is then laundered by The Deckers, The Syndicate's cyber crime specialist gang.

The members of the Syndicate are mostly all very eastern European. There is a good mix of men and women, all ruthless killers. The men dress in black suits, and the women in thigh high boots, lingerie, and body-length leather coats. The wield assault rifles and pistols. Their specialist unit is a bald sniper who resembles Agent 47 from the Hitman series. The Morning Star also has at their disposal an endless supply of Brutes. Imperfect clones of Oleg Kirrlov, and ruthless killing machines.

After the death of Phillipe Loren at the hands of The Boss, control of the Morning Star falls into the hands of The DeWynter sister's until Kiki's death at the hands of Killbane and Viola's subsequent betrayal and turn to becoming a member of The Saints. After Killbane's defeat The Syndicate, and subsequently The Morning Star, are wiped out for good.

The Code of The Morning Star

1. Everything and everyone has a price.

2. Profit before friendship.

3. Greed is good.


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