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The Drunken Huntsman is a unique shop specializing in the needs of hunters. It sells bows, arrows, clothing, suits of armor. You can also recruit Jenassa, a ranger for hire.


ElrindirA Bosmer and acting innkeeper. Works at the inn and shop, night and day it seems.Weapons, Armor, Food, Misc
JenassaA female Dunmer ranger for hire. She favors bows.AvailableAvailable
AhlamThe wife of Nazeem, who owns Chillfurrow Farm, just south of Whiterun.Random
NazeemA Redguard and the owner of Chillfurrow Farm, just south of Whiterun.
AnoriathA Bosmer hunter that is a vendor and part-owner of The Drunken Huntsman. During the day he can be found at his stall in the marketplace.FoodDark Brotherhood quest-line

Crafting station

  • Cooking pot


  • The back room contains an apprentice-locked strongbox and a business ledger.
  • Even thou the Drunken Huntsman functions as a inn, a bed cant be rented here. All 3 beds are already taken.

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