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Tolten is the former king-to-be, the son of Uhra's last king (and final king, as Uhra became a Republic). Tolten, while still politically active, is virtually powerless in the affairs of Uhra. He joins Gongora, thinking Gongora was helping him in the hard times.

Gongora used Tolten to position himself into power, and after Tolten was made the new King, he was attacked by Gongora, in the hopes of eliminating him and granting the Kingship to Gongora. Tolten survived, and eventually became the King of Uhra, rightfully.

Tolten is a young and gullible character. He is easily manipulated and tricked by Gongora. He also shows mental and physical weakness, being very scared of battle and other people, in some cases. He's a mortal character, meaning he is more fearful of death than the immortals. He eventually is "trained" into being more assertive and strong in the face of adversity, and it results in him being a hero and King.

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