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    Tom Hall

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    Tom Hall is a game designer currently working for PlayFirst.

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    Tom Hall has co-founded id Software (together with John Romero, John Carmack, and Adrian Carmack) , Ion Storm (with John Romero) and Monkeystone Games (also with John Romero).

    He has also worked for Apogee / 3D Realms , Midway Games and KingsIsle Entertainment.

    He is currently the Vice President of Creative and Co-Head of Studio for PlayFirst, Inc.

    Doom Maps designed by Hall


    Collaborators in parentheses.

    • E1M4 - Command Control (John Romero)
    • E1M8 - Phobos Anomaly (Sandy Petersen)
    • E2M1 - Deimos Anomaly (Petersen)
    • E2M2 - Containment Area (Petersen)
    • E2M3 - Refinery (Petersen)
    • E2M4 - Deimos Lab (Petersen)
    • E2M7 - Spawning Vats (Petersen)
    • E3M3 - Pandemonium (Petersen)
    • E3M7 - Limbo (Petersen)

    Doom II

    • M10 - Refueling Base (Petersen)

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