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Good game overall. 0

Pros:Great gameplayNail the Trick is amazingGreat soundtrackOk StoryRealistic levelsOk graphicsCons:Small levelsNo motion capLacking create modeSmall special listCan't change tricksNo classic modeWhen I heard people saying how much the PlayStation 2 version of Tony Hawk's Project 8 was gonna suck, I was wondering if I should even get the game but, after playing the game I think they were CLEARLY mistaken. The gameplay is still amazing after all these years. The Nail the Trick feature is wonderfu...

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Innovative 0

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (Xbox 360) …Welcome to Project 8 Admittedly, this was a surprise. I came into this game thinking that it was just going to be another skateboarding game, marketed with Tony Hawk’s name on the front cover. I was right in one sense yes but entirely wrong in another. I remember way back when the very first game of the series was released for the Playstation and I remember playing it for hours on end, even after completing everything, just because the gameplay was so fun to...

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Tony Hawk's Project 8 Review 1

With Tony Hawk's Project 8, Neversoft ditches having long stories like in the last three games, and keep the story at a minimum and focuses mainly on skating. And while the gameplay is great. It seems that Tony Hawk is getting less fun.As I said before the gameplay stays great. A is to ollie, which you can hold longer to build up speed. B is to do grab tricks. X is to do flip tricks. And Y is grind. For these tricks, you can move the left analog stick in different directions to do different vari...

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Takes us back towards the roots of the series. 0

This is just a copy of my Gamespot review, as most of my first reviews will be. But I'll be working on some new ones for this site in the next few days.- - - - - -This game really did surprise me. I will admit, I was expecting crap. The nail in the coffin of a series killed by horrible games like THAW. To me, the last really great Tony Hawk game was THPS 4. I dont need a storyline in a skating game, I never have, I never understood why we needed to pretend we actually could skate when we cant. I...

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Just WOW!!!!! 0

Pros:Nail the trick rulesGreat gameplayOne levelGood storyGreat soundtrackMocap animationsGraphics are AMAZING!!!Xbox Live is goodCons:No CAPLacking CASCan't watch the other peopleIve played every Tony Hawk game in the series and Tony Hawk's Project 8 for the Xbox 360 is the best game in the series. Like in the PS2 review, the gameplay is rock solid. The Nail The Trick feature in the game is even better in the Xbox 360 version compared to the PS2 version. You are able to rotate your body during ...

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