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    Totaka's Song

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    Totaka's Song is a hidden easter egg in a number of Nintendo's games dating back to the early 1990s. It can typically be accessed by waiting for a set period of time at a specific place.

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    The song appears several times in Link's Awakening DX.  
    "Totaka's Song" is a small composition (typically in MIDI format) by Nintendo's Kazumi Totaka, a man who is often credited in Nintendo's games as being the sound director. It gained fame from the fact that Totaka likes to insert the song into each of the games he works on. The song is typically hidden so deeply in each of these games that the player has to do very specific things to access it. The procedure typically involves waiting at a specific screen for a specific interval of time, although games such as Mario Paint , where one only has to click the "O" on the title screen to trigger it, are exceptions to the trend. The song can be found in most of the games Totaka has worked on, though whether or not it truly exists in all of them has yet to be verified.
    This is what the song sounds like. This is the first part of a short feature on the song, and how it is hidden in various games.

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