TrackMania 2 Stadium Server

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#201 Posted by bibamatt (1132 posts) -

Picked up Stadium for £3.99 yesterday and jumped straight into the Unofficial Classic server. Drove around loops on my own while listening to a Luigi's Mansion dubstep remix and Cher. I love you Giant Bomb.

Can't wait to play more. Are the other Trackmania's well populated by Bombers? Which is busiest at the moment?

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#202 Edited by AlMightyBawb (9 posts) -

Awesome, about to jump on!

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#203 Edited by mindgarden418 (104 posts) -

I was really happy to see a few folks in Unofficial Classic a day or two ago. Was fun!

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#204 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

Server crashed at some point. Nobody noticed, including me. Maybe that's a sign that I should retire the server for a while..

.. Nope. Server's back up.

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#205 Posted by fauxben (36 posts) -

I seem to get a mysterious and cryptic "Cannot join server..." error when I try to connect to Giant Bomb Unofficial and only Giant Bomb Unofficial. It worked fine for the friend I was playing with, so I can only assume some goofy setting on my end is screwed up, but I figured I'd toss the issue here to see if you guys had any ideas.

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#206 Posted by mattadord (158 posts) -

Just got this since it was only $5 and I figured I'd get that much enjoyment out of it eventually. But oh man no one is playing this game. It is like it just fell off the face of the Earth.

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#207 Posted by servernode (34 posts) -

Damn. Can't believe that this shut down only days before I really got into TrackMania. Talk about being late to the party.

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#208 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

Apparently Trackmania 2 Stadium is free until April 2014.

So I started the server back up. Look for Giant Bomb Unofficial Classic in US -> Illinois.

I'm keeping it on the down low--feeling out the Mania before I go crazy advertising this.

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#209 Posted by monetarydread (2890 posts) -

@karsh: Thanks for this duder. I love trackmania and the server looks like the maps have been curated better than most servers.

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#210 Edited by themoon13 (1269 posts) -

@karsh Thanks for bringing it back! Honestly the music and active chat was what separated that server from all of the other ones. Are you going to put on a bunch of new tracks? Can't wait to do loops to the Cailliou freestyle again.

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#211 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

I'll add tracks and music over the week, once I get my admin tools fixed.

Right now, it's right back where we left off--same track rotation (99 tracks that hopefully aren't terrible), same dubstep.

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#212 Edited by Skytylz (4151 posts) -

Got on for a bit. Jukebox was fucked up, but 1 other duder and me had some fun races. I enjoyed the tracks I played as well.

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#213 Edited by Karsh (204 posts) -

Added 52 tracks and 4 songs. Also added a TM-Karma thing to my admin panel so I can clean out bad tracks. (edit: also be on the lookout for CHRISTMAS TRACKLIST early next week, featuring 'merry christmas - the road'

I'm finding it hard to believe.. we're in

No Caption Provided

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#214 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -


From now until December 27th, experience nothing but the finest in holiday Trackmania 2 Stadium tracks and filthy Christmas dubstep!

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#215 Posted by development (3180 posts) -

I really hate Christmas music... but I'll be right there.

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#216 Posted by Wikitoups (1445 posts) -

I forgot how great Trackmaninia is!

BTW Uplay has a sale on all the Trackmania2 and Shootmaina games. Stadium is $5.99 if your intrested!

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#217 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

Server is back up, why the hell not. Recent Bombcasts have caused an ever-so-slight rise in The Mania. Hop on the server with some friends and try to fill it sometime, won't you?

If you've been active on the server for a while and want to add/manage tracks, let me know. I could use some active admins to keep things interesting.

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#218 Posted by Jeff (6069 posts) -

star wars metallica

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#219 Posted by MattyFTM (14891 posts) -

Cool to see the server back. I'll jump on at some point.

Moderator Online
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#220 Posted by stalefishies (448 posts) -

As someone who has had a Trackmania itch forming since seeing the Turbo announcement at E3, and also has a lot of free time starting from tomorrow, this could not have come at a better time. Or worse, depending on your perspective.

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#221 Posted by Szlifier (1496 posts) -

Obi Wan action cam

Thanks for doing this.

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#222 Posted by cydonian (8 posts) -

This was the best little surprise in the world last night! I'll try and find some "great" dubstep suggestions.

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#223 Edited by PKB_Noitwont (135 posts) -

I am so excited to hear this! Reinstalling tonight!

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#224 Posted by Bollard (8185 posts) -

I think I'm gunna have to re-download ManiaPlanet by the looks of it!

I also really want to play Valley, but I doubt there's much going on there. That game's handling was criminally underrated.

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#225 Posted by cydonian (8 posts) -

It'd be really nice to have a best checkpoint time plugin that some other servers have. Looking around I found this and this.

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#226 Edited by Karsh (204 posts) -

@cydonian: I'll add that first one shortly.

I also found a plugin that automatically removes tracks under a TM-Karma threshold. May be installing that as well, unless you guys suggest otherwise.

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#227 Posted by MachineSailor (101 posts) -

Reinstalling ManiaPlanet now...

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#228 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

Deleted a bunch of low karma tracks and updated TM-Karma. Keep voting so I know what's good/what to delete, folks!

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#229 Posted by samuraigarrin (123 posts) -

@karsh:I voted for some music tonight, but sometimes the song I clicked on wasn't the one that ended up playing. (It would say I queued up a totally different song in the chat box - 50 Caliber when I actually clicked Jurassic Park Dubstep and Block Rockin' Beats when I clicked on Believe.) Could you look into when you get a chance? I'd really appreciate it!

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#230 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

@samuraigarrin: Checked it out, seems good now. May have been some residual weirdness caused by me restarting XAseco while you were online. If that happens again, try relogging.

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#231 Edited by YummyTreeSap (1220 posts) -

There were some calls for Lockdown to be added to the server and I'd have to agree

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#232 Posted by rmanthorp (4636 posts) -

Thanks for doing this! I started playing Stadium again on my lunchtimes. Will jump onto the server today. Can't wait for Turbo! Hopefully we can get a permanent server going!

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#233 Posted by Yesiamaduck (2562 posts) -

I love u for doing this, when buckbumble theme hit I had the biggest grin on my face

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#234 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -
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#235 Edited by fisk0 (6953 posts) -
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#236 Posted by cdViking (21 posts) -

Thanks so much for setting this up. Love the track selection and music. Only qualm is a couple of tracks that have been in the rotation for 3-4 days and have yet to see a single person finish, but it's a small thing (and I think one track in total).

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#237 Posted by soulcake (2818 posts) -

@fisk0: Damm that black knight song remix needs to be on the tracklist

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#238 Posted by frump (52 posts) -

@karsh: Awesome, I already made use of this at work today, thanks. I had the songs stuck in my head from playing.

As much as I like the dubstep, I wonder if we shouldn't add some Nightcore to the mix as well. I think Jeff mentioned it on the podcast once. It's ridiculous and terrible, but I've somehow listened to a bunch of it. I've got no specific Nightcore suggestions, it's all kind of equally dumb, just search youtube.

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#239 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

Forgot to mention: Added a handful of new tracks the other day. Will clean out some low karma ones soon, and maybe add some music.

Just a heads up... I may not be as active this week; we're entering crunch time at work. I'm going to be enlisting the help of some of the server regulars as admins (for example, thewrathofconn is now an admin! congrats and thanks!). If you're active enough and I think you have the PatienZe and SkillZ™ to be an admin, I'll be in touch with you this week.

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#240 Posted by NTA_Luciana (411 posts) -

As someone who bought all of the Trackmania that they offered in 2014, I've been waiting for this moment.

Is there an official way to submit song suggestions? A public Google doc or something?

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#241 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -
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#243 Edited by NTA_Luciana (411 posts) -

@karsh@orbi My song suggestion post got taken down too. Like super quickly. Maybe you should see if there's a better system for this?

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#244 Edited by Orbi (176 posts) -

@lucien_lachance said:

My song suggestion post got taken down too. Like super quickly. Maybe you should see if there's a better system for this?

I'm guessing there might be an automated system to identify links to download-y sites if that's what you had in yours? Which seems odd since there's legitimate uses for stuff. I guess CBSi would really rather not get hit with a DMCA, so it makes some amount of sense to be proactive.

It is a shame, since I spent a while converting unofficial remixes to ogg so Karsh didn't have to!

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#245 Posted by NTA_Luciana (411 posts) -

@orbi: Nope. All Youtube. It might be setting off an anti-spam trigger.

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#246 Posted by nophilip (687 posts) -

@lucien_lachance: @orbi: Austin mentioned something about this a couple of weeks ago. Apparently including too many links of any type in a single post can result in automatic moderation.

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#247 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

@orbi: Holy crap! Good effort, there are some bangers in there. I'll try to have them up tomorrow, along with some new tracks.

For future music/track suggestions, I'll get a Google form up tomorrow as well. Looks like mass YouTube linking isn't gonna work out.

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#248 Posted by Jinoru (437 posts) -

Good fun tonight. :)

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#249 Posted by Jinoru (437 posts) -
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#250 Posted by wrathofconn (1511 posts) -

@karsh: Thanks Karsh!

I feel I should point out that the google doc incorrectly lists our version of Heaven as a remix when in fact it's the original. I would really like to keep the original though, since I like it better and it's eurotrash enough for TM on its own merits.

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