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Traffic Department 2192 is an action game set on the planet Seche, in the city of Vulthaven, and takes place in a dystopian future where crime is so widespread and criminals so aggressive that the entire population of the Sechen law enforcement community has handed in their badges and quit, fearing for their lives. There are no policemen, no national guard, no local militia. There is one single exception, one force standing between the public and total anarchy: the traffic department, previously only responsible for handing out parking tickets and putting boots on tires. To the surprise of everyone on the planet, instead of getting the eff out of Dodge, the traffic department actually makes a small difference in fighting back against crime, and subsequently receives the Sechen government's entire law enforcement budget. 
As the title suggests, the game takes place in the year 2192, when this is the common state of affairs, and despite still being called the "Traffic Department", the organization is more like a paramilitary defence group, using advanced technology to fight to take down crime at any cost.
The game casts the player as TD officer Marta Velasquez, who spearheads the war against the violent Vulture gang, who wreak havoc on the city.  Velasquez is an aggressive loner whose father, Ric, was killed by the Vultures when she was a young girl.

The game was noted for its original storyline and extensive dialogue.  The story contains a number of themes, including gruesome murder, cybernetics, and mind control, and the dialogue contained a fair amount of profanity and sexual themes; the game offered players the option to see a filtered version of the script at the start of play.


Programming By

John Pallett-Plowright
Robert A. Allen
Michael Pallett-Plowright

Graphics By

John Pallett-Plowright
Bruce Hsu
Michael Taylor
Samuel Goldstein

Music By

Robert A. Allen
John Pallett-Plowright (uncredited)
Michael Pallett-Plowright (uncredited)

Storyline and Dialogue

Christopher Perkins

Special Thanks To

Gord Zajac
Craig Caplan
Tim Sweeney
Robert Brown
Sean Comrie
James Schmalz
Mike van Altena

Directed By

John Pallett-Plowright

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