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A very distinct looking game that is below average. 0

With this game being part of Games With Gold I decided to play through it for the first time. This isn't a review of the multiplayer which is pretty much nonexistent although it seems like it would be okay going by how the fights play out in the single player. The game itself is a prequel to the movie Tron Legacy and takes place entirely within the grid. Which is a fancy way of saying this takes place in cyberspace. The programs have human forms and the creator Fynn has created a new monitor pr...

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You like that back? Good get used to looking at it and the constant blue hue.Let me preface this whole game; I am a new Tron fan. My brother is a Tron fanatic, and I have always and will always find the movie Tron as boring. Being brought up with Drew and basically liking everything he has, the first diversion was with that movie. Now, as the announcement for this year's release of Tron: Legacy, I became excited and amazed, only due to the fact that of the kick-ass soundtrack by Daft Punk, and t...

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Another Movie Game 0

Movie games are usually never any good.   With the release of Tron Evolution the game based on the upcoming Tron Legacy movie, does this movie game have what it takes to deliver an engrossing and fully realized game that is able to hold up on its own merit? In Tron Evolution you play as a silent protagonist, unnamed system monitor who is tasked with securing Tron a city inside of a computer.   You first meet up with Querra who is voiced by Olivia Wilde.   She is plays the role of your side kick,...

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Good but needed more Jeff Bridges. 0

Tron: Evolution is a movie game, plain and simple. They can throw around the term that this is a totally seperate story to the movie but at the end of the day, the game was made to sell tickets. As most of you must know, good movie video games are rare, so rare that very little people believe that they are still possible. Which is why Tron: Evolution is a welcome surprise. It has interesting gameplay and story that make for an above average game that is actually worth playing (shocker !).  Tron:...

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Live Free or De-Rezz Hard... 0

 This here review was originally posted on my blog HERE and was part of a two part TRON blog that included a review of Tron: Legacy HERE.  Welcome to the second part of my holiday celebration of Tron. Hey, it may seem random, but it's kind of a special thing when such a (strangely) revered cult classic comes back in such a big way. Last time, I talked about my thoughts on the film Tron: Legacy, and despite the fact that I am a staunch endorser of seeing it, there certainly were a few things to g...

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A good attempt to put you in the Tron universe 0

So what video gamer doesn’t have fond memories of Tron? I know this gamer does. The first time I saw the movie it just blew me away. The second more recently, well not so much, but the universe and concepts that movie contains, well those are still pretty awesome. When I found out there was to be an open world game that put you in the universe of Tron, I had to get in on that. Tron: Evolution bridges the gap between the timeless first movie and the middling second. It has a lofty goal of putting...

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Buggy System... 0

What can I say about Tron Evolution, I came into it will high hopes and expectations because at first it looked awesome! So I picked it up at my local game store and tried it out....long story short it didn't live up to my expectations....  Graphically the game is disappointing, dated visuals and bad character models really bring the game down. The one thing that really got to me about the game was how similar every single environment was, EVERY level in this game is blue will the exception of a...

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An Uninteresting but Functional Package 0

If we remove the secondary features of a game (read: story and graphics), and put ourselves in the eyes of a video gamer/customer, the value of a game will depend on two things: a) The game's ability to give its players a control scheme that is precise and varied enough to overcome challenges given by the game.  b) The game's ability to employ unique, creative and ultimately fun ways for players to exploit or utilize the control scheme to resolve said challenges, resulting in positive experien...

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Not Fully Rezzed 0

I finished Tron: Evolution a few hours ago. I enjoyed it but the game has a lot of issues. The combat was satisfactory. It gave me a decent feeling of being an ultimate frisbee god and the different enemies changed up the combat so it never became boring. This combat carrys over to multiplayer and it is still fun. The problem is they decided to not make the game combat base. You spend most of the time navigating the enviroment. Just as others have said, it is Prince of Persia 2008 with a Tron sk...

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Tron Portable 0

Tron Evolution on the PSP is similar to the version on the Wii in that it doesn't really have a story but is just a series of mini games inspired by the game grid in Tron. They try to flesh in a story by saying your a program created by Kevin Flynn to be trained by Tron to compete in this tournament but really that's all there is.  Tron Evolution features many different mini game types, some such as the light cycle grid, light cycle races, disc arena and tank battles. There is one game type wher...

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TRON: Evolution (XBOX 360) Review 0

(Edited to contain my multiplayer review)    I was born six years after the first TRON movie hit theatres, so I wasn’t able to enjoy the fantastic digital world presented in that Disney flick when it was initially released; I did, however, get to view it when it aired on the Disney Channel sometime around the 20th anniversary. I think I was 13 at that time and I had seen better movies with far better visual effects, art direction, and writing—but there was something oddly alluring about the date...

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