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    Valygar Corthala

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    Amn's finest celibate magic-hating Ranger, and heir to the Planar Sphere in Athkatla.

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    Valygar is a recruitable Ranger in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. He can be found in his cabin in Umar Hills, either through accident or through a quest from the Cowled Wizard Tolgerias, who describes Valygar as a murderer and wants his dead body brought before him. The reason Tolgerias wants this, and the reason Valygar is hiding out in the woods, is that Valygar is the last descendant of Lavok the Necromancer. Lavok made the Planar Sphere that had recently returned and was crashed in the Slum district, and it was (correctly) believed that Valygar's presence, dead or alive, would grant access to the sphere. The player can choose to kill Valygar for Tolgerias, an evil act that most good party members will strongly object to, or to go with Valygar to the sphere and find out what lies within.
    Valygar is a Human Ranger with the Stalker kit, which grants him elevated stealth abilities and a handful of mage spells; the latter can be considered ironic due to his hatred of mages, or fitting due to him being the last descendant of at least one strong family of mages. Due to evil acts committed by mages in his family, Valygar believes the mage talent that runs in his family to be a curse, and is determined that he will be the last of his line.  Although a noble with a house in Athkatla, Valygar shows a strong preference for the wilderness. He will often talk about his dislike for cities, and will return to his cabin rather than his city home if he is dismissed from the party. In interactions, Valygar comes across as the strong, silent type, with an unfortunate element of Shatneresque speech pauses when he is talking about the Planar Sphere.
    Over the course of the game, Valygar can learn to be a bit more open-minded about the world in general and about magic's part in it, but it would be a stretch to say he could ever wholly trust a mage. He will discuss magic with any mages in the party, and strongly distrusts Edwin, whom he sees as the epitome of all that is wrong with wizards.
    When Valygar and Mazzy are in a party together, Mazzy will attempt to recruit Valygar as her squire through a series of awkward conversations where she commands him to do menial tasks for her. Valygar is baffled by this, but takes it in stride, and a friendship grows between them.


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