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    Vapor Trail

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released 1989

    Vapor Trail is an arcade vertical scrolling shoot 'em up developed by Data East. It was ported to the Sega Genesis in 1991.

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    Vapor Trail, or Vapor Trail: Hyper Offence Formation, is a vertical shoot 'em up from Data East that was later ported to the Sega Genesis. It features a trio of jet fighters - each with a difference balance of speed and offense - as they attempt to take back New York City from the terrorist organization Ragnarok (renamed DAGGER for the North American port). It is the first game in the Kuhga/Kuuga trilogy of shoot 'em ups, though the only one to see a localization.

    In addition to power-ups that increase their firepower or change its behavior, the player can also resort to a damaging roll that also protects the ship from damage. This roll maneuver must be left to recharge between uses, precluding the ability to spam it during boss fights.

    The Sega Genesis home version, published in North America by Renovation, included two player co-op and "digitized" sound effects.


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