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Veeshan's Peak is the sacred home of the Ring of Scale, which is the society of dragons that reside on the continent of Kunark. The first dragons of Norrath were placed upon the planet by the Wurm Queen herself, Veeshan. Legend states that a political disagreement led to the dragons dividing into two separate factions, and the Ring of Scale being the faction that decided leave the dragon's original home and claim Kunark as their own. The Ring of Scale built a massive lair within the largest volcano in the Skyfire Mountains. Their leader, Jaled'Dar, fell in battle with the Iksar many centuries before the Age of Turmoil. Veeshan's Peak is now governed by Jaled'Dar's daughter, Phara'Dar, and a council of ancient dragons of unfathomable power. Entering their lair requires the completion of one of the longest, most arduous quests in all of Norrath. Those dedicated enough to complete this task, given by the ghost of Emperor Ganak in Trakanon's Teeth, can join a legion of friends in entering one of the most dangerous locales Norrath has to offer. Upon entering, there is no immediate exit, and teleportation does not work here. The only way to survive the magnificent, ancient lair is to slay one or more of the legendary dragons in order to reach a teleporter behind them that will deliver one to the relative safety of Skyfire. The exit behind Phara'Dar herself is said to lead directly to the Plane of Sky. For the most elite of adventurers who are able to fell any of these ancient guardians, they will return with weapons, armor, and various other items of unimagineable power. Veeshan's Peak is the true test for Norrath's greatest champions.

In July 2004, the extensive quest required to earn a key to Veeshan's Peak was made unnecessary. A short, relatively easy quest replaced it and Veeshan's Peak was revamped slightly to allow more players to experience what relatively few had in the four years since it debuted.

Neighboring Zones


  • Ring of Scale


Notable NPCs

  • Blood-Thirsty Racnor
  • Druushk
  • Elder Ekron
  • Guardian of Veeshan
  • Hoshkar
  • Kluzen the Protector
  • Magma Basilisk
  • Milyex Vioren
  • Nexona
  • Phara Dar
  • Qunard Ashenclaw
  • Silverwing
  • Travenro the Skygazer
  • Vrabbit Xloren
  • Xygoz

Notable Items

  • Aged Blade of Falling Stars
  • Aged Blued Flower Katana
  • Aged Bo Staff of Trorsmang
  • Aged Claw of Phara Dar
  • Aged Crown of Rile
  • Aged Dragon Claw Main Gauche
  • Aged Dragon Spine Staff
  • Aged Executioner's Blade
  • Aged Feverblade - Bane of the Shissar
  • Aged Frozen Zweihander
  • Aged Grey Suede Boots
  • Aged Hammer of the Dragonborn
  • Aged Katana of Endurance
  • Aged Katana of Flowing Water
  • Aged Left Eye of Xygoz
  • Aged Lyran's Mystical Lute
  • Aged Nightfall
  • Aged Pulsating Gem
  • Aged Razor Fang of Xygoz
  • Aged Robe of the Azure Sky
  • Aged Runestone Maul
  • Aged Sarnak Channeler Staff
  • Aged Scimitar of Lifestealing
  • Aged Shissar Apothic Staff
  • Aged Shissar Deathspeaker Staff
  • Aged Shissar Elementalist's Staff
  • Aged Shissar Focus Staff
  • Aged Shroud of Veeshan
  • Aged Smoldering Cudgel
  • Aged Spear of Constriction
  • Aged Staff of Null
  • Aged Star of the Guardian
  • Aged Sword of Rile
  • Aged Yunnb's Earring
  • Ash-Encrusted Wristguard
  • Azure Girdle
  • Azure Painted Mask
  • Basilisk Bone Hammer
  • Belt of the Sky
  • Blackstone Maul
  • Blade of Falling Stars
  • Blade of the Red Dragon Eye
  • Blood Orchid Katana
  • Bloodstone of Armored Protection
  • Burning Cinder Ring
  • Burnt Cloak
  • Cavern Cloak
  • Chrysanthemum Flower Katana
  • Claw of Phara Dar
  • Cloak of Necropotence
  • Crown of Rile
  • Dragon Claw Main Gauche
  • Dragonforge Breastplate
  • Dragonhide Tunic
  • Dragonspine Chainmail
  • Enchanted Orb of Burning Spikes
  • Enchanted Orb of Replenishment
  • Fatebringer
  • Flowing Earring of the Primeval
  • Gemstone of Enhanced Health
  • Glowing Drake BIle
  • Green Dragon Scales
  • Grey Suede Boots
  • Hoop of Scales
  • Howling Cutlass
  • Icewurm Girdle
  • Katana of Endurance
  • Katana of Enduring Stone
  • Maelstrom
  • Magma Forged Bracer
  • Malevolent Runeblade
  • Mask of Infirmity
  • Necklace of the Peak
  • Necklace of Wyvern Leather
  • Nightbringer
  • Orchid Bloom Katana
  • Orb of Gathered Power
  • Plate Greaves of Aptitude
  • Polished Chunk of Rage
  • Prismatic Shoulderpads
  • Racnor Hide Belt
  • Racnor-Hide Choker
  • Racnor-Hide Wristband
  • Razor Fang of Xygoz
  • Reinforced Wyvern Armlets
  • Reinforced Wyvern Boots
  • Reinforced Wyvern Gloves
  • Reinforced Wyvern Wristguard
  • Ring of the Skywing
  • Robe of Adversity
  • Robe of Burning Rage
  • Robe of Burning Sorcery
  • Robe of Decay
  • Robe of Invocation
  • Robe of Smothering
  • Robe of the Azure Sky
  • Runed Earring of the Sky
  • Runestone Maul
  • Sapphire Adorned Brood Ring
  • Sarnak Channeler Staff
  • Shissar Deathspeaker Staff
  • Shissar Elementalist's Staff
  • Shissar Elementalist`s Cane
  • Shissar Focus Staff
  • Shissar Psyonicist Staff
  • Shissar Seance Staff
  • Shoulderpads of Calamity
  • Shroud of Veeshan
  • Skullcrusher of Kragg
  • Skywing Cloth Bracer
  • Skywing Signet of Strength
  • Smoldering Cudgel
  • Smooth Gemstone of Tranquility
  • Spear of Constriction
  • Sprinkler of Suffering
  • Staff of Cancellation
  • Staff of Null
  • Star of the Guardian
  • Sword of Rile
  • Sword of the Shissar
  • Veridix's Shortsword
  • Wyvern Bone Ring
  • Ykeshan Battle Axe
  • Yunnb's Earring

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