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    Velketor's Labyrinth

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    Velketor's Labyrinth is home to the outcast storm giant wizard, Velketor. He has protected himself with various traps, mazes, slippery catwalks, and an army of stealthy spiders and vicious kobolds.

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    Icepaw Village
    Icepaw Village

    Velketor's Labyrinth is named for the outcast storm giant wizard who rules this dungeon. It is hidden among the caves found along the western cliffs of the Great Divide, and it is here that Drovrag Velketor practices many experiments. Upon entering his realm, it is quite obvious why people refer to it as a labyrinth. The place seems quite small at first, but the twisting and turning slippery walkways reach high above. If the risk of slipping and falling to the ice below were not dangerous enough, the icy ramps are crawling with arachnids, many of which have the ability to remain invisible and backstab naive adventurers. All of this is by design, for Velketor seeks complete seclusion for his experiments. Those agile enough to make it to the top of these catwalks will find an enormous pit that they must carefully shimmy around. Falling into the pit would be devastating, not just because of the great distance that one would plummet into the glacier, but because of the horrible creations that haunt the depths of Velketor's realm.

    Velketor the Sorceror
    Velketor the Sorceror

    Those who do not fall below are greeted by a village of vicious Icepaw kobolds. Beyond the village is Velketor's castle. Just outside the castle is a well of bonechilling water that reaches all the way to the pits below, which allows those that survived those pits one last chance to escape and meet up with their friends who did not fall. For those coming up from below, they must first make it past an efreeti known as Lord Dolijonijiarnimorinar. The castle above is guarded by an army of golems, created by Velketor's power to infuse life into the glacier itself. The reasons for Velketor's banishment from Kael is unclear, but what is certainly clear is that he is building a legion of followers that could potentially wage an attack on his brothers.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Velketor


    Notable NPCs

    • Bled
    • The Brood Master
    • The Brood Mother
    • Crystal Eyes
    • Crystal Fang
    • Deadly Blizzard Hunter
    • Deathly Shard Spectre
    • Errkak Icepaw
    • Failed Experiment
    • Fierce Blizzard Hunter
    • Frenzied Velium Stalker
    • Frosty Gargoyle Watcher
    • Frozen Gargoyle Master
    • Gregendek Icepaw
    • Icepaw Berserker
    • Icepaw Warlord
    • Jelek Icepaw
    • Kalik Icepaw
    • Keljemor
    • Kerd
    • Khelkar Icepaw
    • Laryk Icepaw
    • Leljemor
    • Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar
    • Marlek Icepaw
    • Meljemor
    • Rijoely
    • Rowwek Icepaw
    • Terrible Crystal Shard
    • Tijoely
    • Tpos Icepaw
    • Ular Icepaw
    • Velketor the Sorcerer
    • Velketors Experiment
    • Venar Icepaw

    Notable Items

    • Barbed Ringmail Armor
    • Bitter Blade of the Icepaw
    • Black Ice Armor
    • Blood Runed Armor
    • Blood Runed Scimitar
    • Blood Runed Short Sword
    • Bone Bracelet of Condemnation
    • Bone Ring of Condemnation
    • Book of Dawn
    • Book of Twilight
    • Boots of Bladecalling
    • Bow of the Icepaw
    • Bracelet of Frostbite
    • Cloak of the Deep Cold
    • Cold Steel Armor
    • Cryptic Runed Chain Greaves
    • Crystal Chitin Armor
    • Crystal Chitin Shield
    • Crystal Spider Eyes
    • Crystal Crown of Confusion
    • Crystal Rod of Confusion
    • Crystalline Silk Belt
    • Crystalline Silver Mask
    • Crystalline Spider Fang
    • Crystalline Torque
    • Doljonijiarnimorinar
    • Drake Skull Helm
    • Efreeti Ice Staff
    • Fatecaller
    • Forgotten Ebony Earring
    • Frost Covered Tome
    • Frosted Sleeves of Miracles
    • Frozen Boots of Skirmishes
    • Frozen Efreeti Boots
    • Frozen Spider Eye
    • Frozen Turban
    • Gilded Brooch of the North
    • Girdle of Wurmslaying
    • Gloves of Bladecalling
    • Glowing Red Stone
    • Ice Coated Shield of Defense
    • Ice Silk Cloak
    • Ice Silk Cloak of the Mercenary
    • Ice Silk Strung Bow
    • Iceflame
    • Icepaw War Claw
    • Icicle Tunic
    • Icicle Wristband
    • Kobold Bone Gauntlets
    • Kobold Jester's Crown
    • Lute of the Howler
    • Polished Mask of Ice
    • Priceless Ice Fetish
    • Rijoely's Bracelet
    • Rijoely's Dancing Rapier
    • Rijoely's Earring
    • Ring of the Frost Spiders
    • Ring of the Frozen Flame
    • Robe of Melding Auras
    • Shadow Rager
    • Shield of the Freezing Winds
    • Shimmering Terror Hide Boots
    • Shimmering Terror Hide Cloak
    • Silent Sandals of the Mystic
    • Silver Chitin Armor
    • Silver Sword of Yalrek
    • Silverwing Cloak
    • Snow Storm Mask
    • Spider Fur Armor
    • Stein of Bitter Cold
    • Sword of Blessings
    • Sword of Pain
    • Tijoely's Bracelet
    • Tijoely's Dancing Rapier
    • Tijoely's Earring
    • Tiny Velium Gargoyle
    • Torn Tome of Experiments
    • Traveler's Bracelet of Thought
    • Velketor's Spell Book
    • Velium Etched Helm
    • Velvet Shawl of Dusk
    • Velium Crystal Staff
    • Venomous Axe of the Velium Brood
    • Vermilion Orb of Torrefaction
    • Vermilion Robe of Torrefaction

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