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    Ultimate Fighting Championship

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Aug 29, 2000

    Ultimate Fighting Championship is the first 3D fighting game based on the UFC, a popular mixed martial arts promotion. The custom character creator features many game media personalities of the day, including editors like Greg Sewart and Dan Leahy, and PR reps like Rob Fleisher.

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     Won by tapout.
    Won by tapout.

    Ultimate Fighting Championship uses an 8 directional D-Pad and 4 buttons - each one responsible for the fighter's different limb (LP, RP, LK,RK). The grappling moves, counters and submissions can be executed by pressing 2 specific buttons together. Each fighter has his own selection of moves. The fights can be won by knockout, point advantage or tapout. Apart from acassional spurting bits of blood and painful facial expressions ( and the endurance and stamina meters at the top of the screen) there are no visible indicators of damage taken by the fighters unlike the way damage is perfectly visible in later fighting games e.g.

    UFC Undisputed 2010


    Fight Night Round 4


    Mortal Kombat


    Game modes

    •  A career mode submission type fighter.
      A career mode submission type fighter.
      UFC mode - in this mode 8 fighters compete in order toget the silver belt which - when obtained - enables the player to play in the Champion Road and defend it. When the UFC mode is completed with a particular character his model and style become available in career mode.
    • Tournament
    • Champion Road - a character which previously obtained the Silver Belt has to defend it by fighting 12 challengers. After defeating the last opponent - Ulti Man - player is awarded with a golden belt for his character.
    • Exhibition - a single match.
    • Career mode - the player can choose from several martial arts styles of fighting (submission, sumo, kickboxing etc.), give character a name, slightly customize his appearance, and earn experience points by winning fights that get gradually tougher. These points can be spent either on upgrading the stats (endurance, stamina, punch skill, kick skill) or learning new moves. Each of the already beaten opponents can be challenged once again, but the player will earn a smaller sum of experience points.
    •  Ulti Man defeated by Tito Ortiz.
      Ulti Man defeated by Tito Ortiz.

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