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    UFC: Sudden Impact

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Apr 21, 2004

    UFC: Sudden Impact is the second game released on the Playstation 2 based on the popular mixed martial arts organization.

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    UFC: Sudden Impact gives you all the mixed martial arts action found only in the Octagon. You can create and customize your own Ultimate Fighter and then fight your way through five gameplay modes, including Tournament and Story. The game includes such UFC superstars as Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, and Matt Hughes, as well as 10 unlockable and six hidden fighters. You can choose from 15 different fighting disciplines, positions, and moves.  


    Ultimate Fighting Championship: Sudden Impact uses an 8 directional D-Pad and 4 buttons - each one responsible for the fighter's different limb (LP, RP, LK,RK). The grappling moves, counters and submissions can be executed by pressing 2 specific buttons together. Each fighter has his own selection of moves. The fights can be won by knockout, point advantage or tapout. This version contains visible indicators of fighters being damaged during fights such as bruises and dripping blood. The game also focuses on fence positioning giving players new manouver possibilities.

    Selectable fighters

    •  Chuck Liddell
       Chuck Liddell
      Pedro Rizzo
    • Tim Sylvia
    • Maurice Smith
    • Bas Rutten
    • Andrei Arlovski
    • Ricco Rodriguez
    • Gary Goodridge
    • Mark Coleman
    • Tsuyoshi Kohsaka
    • Tito Ortiz
    • Chuck Liddell
       Andrei Arlovski
       Andrei Arlovski
    • Vitor Belfort
    • Ken Shamrock
    • Pete Williams
    • Renato Sobral
    • Kevin Randleman
    • Elvis Sinosic
    • Frank Shamrock
    • Guy Mezger
    • Eugene Jackson
    • Phil Baroni
    • Dave Menne
       Tim Sylvia
       Tim Sylvia
    • Murilo Bustamante
    • Pete Spratt
    • Jens Pulver
    • B.J.Penn
    • Yves Edwards
    • Duane Ludwig
    • Matt Serra
    • Caol Uno
    • Erica Montoya

      Game modes

    •  A story mode character's high kick K.O.
       A story mode character's high kick K.O.
      Arcade - player figting as one of the superstars or his own creation is pitted against series of CPU controlled opponents
    • Champion Road - players ultimate aim is to win a silver (5 fights) or gold (10 fights) title shot match in his own weight class. By doing that some previously unplayable characters are unlocked.
    • Tournament - an eight fighter eliminatory tournament
    • Versus - 1P vs COM, !P vs 2P, COM vs COM, COM vs 2P, COM vs COM
    • Story  - in this mode the player is given an opportunity ti create his own fighter with customizable body and clothing. The creation tools are not very detailed, because they only let players to choose from several predetermined face designs. Clothing and tattooss are unlocked as the player makes progress. The main idea of this mode is to prepare the fighter to enter the UFC league during three year training. Each year the player is given an opportunity to choose the fighting style he wants to specialise in (some of them need to be unlocked) and then decides if he wants to learn new moves or improve the stats by completing various tasks such as e.g. surviving the round without being hit, performing a specific combo or winning by tapout. After threee years of training the story mode character is selectable as a regular fighter in any gameplay mode.
    • Training - in this mode palyers can set their and opponents' positions as well as display the input data.

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