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    Westerado: Double Barreled

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Apr 16, 2015

    A western open-world game by Ostrich Banditos in which the player is tasked with finding their family's killer, by any means necessary.

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    Players take on the role of a Gunslinger in pursuit of his family's killer. Doing so requires collecting clues based on the murderer's appearance, which is randomly generated with each new game. After receiving one clue as a starting point, the player can explore the world while running errands to earn more clues from the townsfolk.


    Westerado's most remarkable gameplay feature is your ability to draw your gun at any time, even during conversations. Drawing or cocking your gun while talking to an NPC changes the way that they react to you, sometimes causing them to provide additional information, flee, or become hostile. Similarly, any NPC can be killed, no matter their role in the game's plot and world.

    The originally launched as a free Flash game. The "Double Barreled" version is enhanced with controller support and other additional features.


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