Wobble aiming

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    Wobble aiming is a feature added in many shooter games to simulate realism, and add the feel of controlling a human body holding a weapon.

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    Aiming a gun is not easy. A weapon's weight, and our breathing are significant factors into keeping a gun stable. Many games include a hold breath function that will keep the gun steady for a short period of time. This can give the player substantially greater accuracy, more stability, and better focus.
    Wobble aiming is often used to balance multiplayer gameplay, such as preventing players that use sniper rifles from being too powerful.

    Some players may find that aiming wobble can at some times be very bothersome. For example, in Deus Ex when JC has low skill on a certain weapon type aiming is very unstable and disorienting, making it difficult for the player to successfully use that weapon type.

    This feature is mainly present while using scoped weapons and appears in few games with iron sighting.

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