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    World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Dec 14, 1992

    Guide amateur magicians Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as they try to return home after being sucked into the mysterious World of Illusion by a powerful magician.

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    World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (known in the Japanese box art as World of Illusion: I Love Mickey & Donald - Fushigi na Magic Box, the sub-title loosely translated to "The Mysterious Magic Box") is a side-scrolling platformer developed and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis on December 14, 1992 (in Europe), December 18, 1992 (in Japan), and March 1993 (in North America).

    Starring Disney mascots Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, the game is a successor to two Sega-developed games: Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and QuackShot starring Donald Duck. While preparing for a magic show, both Mickey and Donald encounter a mysterious magic box and enter it, which transports them into a mysterious magical world ruled by a powerful magician.

    While players can progress through the game solo as either Mickey or Donald, with Mickey having access to alternate routes by crawling through small passageways, the game supports two-player co-operative multiplayer with one as Mickey and one as Donald. In two-player games, both players can reach new areas by stacking on top of each other and calling down a rope.

    The game was later included in the North American and European versions of the 2019 Sega Genesis Mini microconsole.


    World of Illusion is a standard platformer game; Mickey and Donald can run, jump and attack enemies using their capes (which turns them into harmless animals or objects, such as a dove or a playing card, though it varies by enemy). A new magic spell is learned by defeating the boss of each level, allowing the pair to advance to and progress through the next level.

    This game features the, at the time, popular password save system, but instead of using a combination letters and numbers, the player selects from the 4 different suites in a deck of cards to continue.

    One feature that was unique at the time was how levels changed slightly depending on if the player chose a single-player game with Mickey or Donald, or if they chose the two-player game. For example, in the two-player mode, Mickey and Donald would have to support each other to get through the level by jumping on each other to reach high places, then using a rope to hoist up the person who one who was used as a stepping stone, or through Mickey pulling Donald through tight crawlspaces, as he couldn't fit through them, although this would cause structural damage to the area and end up changing part of the next stage. This also affects the single-player mode, as Mickey could fit through the crawlspaces with ease, however Donald would have to find another way around.


    • Stage 1: Enchanted Forest
      This first stage takes place in a giant forest where Mickey and Donald will face enormous insects, all the while, wild weeds shoot up from the ground and leaves dance around as they progress. An emphasis on jumping on flowers and using magic on plants will be sure to bring a few surprises. Later, a hallow log will lead the duo to a underground lair filled with spiders.
    • Stage 2: Among the Clouds
      This level features the player's character summoning a magical carpet to ride through the majority of this level, but be cognizant and dodge those vultures and whirling cyclones. They'll land high on the rocks, and will be back to a standard platforming sequence where the character will have to dodge lightening, bouncing boulders, rushing rivers, and more which makes progression tricky. Make sure to take a dance on the piano keyboard, and watch out!
    • Stage 3: Underwater Adventure
      Conjure a magical diving bubble suit and go for a swim! Dodge Snapping Tiger Fish, and don't get stuck on spiny Sea Urchins. Lure shy clams into opening the way to secret passages. Explore a sunken pirate ship, being mindful of falling tridents and watching for sharks!
    • Stage 4: The Library
      Jump out of a fish bowl and into a room with giant books and jars. This library is equipped wit all of the majors staples of a library including a springy stapler, rulers, jars of gumballs, cork boards. But be weary of enemies such as; tacks, stamps, flying pens and pencils. As the duo progresses, they will slide down a piece of furniture to the base of an inviting cookie jar - what's inside? Hop in an take a look, they might just find a galaxy awaits their exploration.
    • Stage 5: The Magic Box
      The duo has found the home of the Magic Master, a wonderland of which even Alice would approve of. This is going to be the biggest challenge yet. It will take special Magic and wise choices to make their way through the mazes that lead to the Magic Master and the final duel! Will Mickey and Donald beat him and make it back home in time for the big magic show? Enemies in this level include animated playing cards, statues, Chandeliers, dinnerware, flying witches, jesters and many more.

    Magic Spells

    • Magic Carpet (Level 1): This allows Mickey and Donald to fly on a magic carpet in level 2.
    • Underwater Bubble (Level 2): This allows Mickey and Donald to breathe underwater.
    • Magic Box Transportation (Level 3): This allows Mickey and Donald to transport to different places using magic boxes.
    • Card Control (Level 4): This allows Mickey and Donald to manipulate playing cards so they could form bridges over wide gaps.

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