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Wrestle War is a 1989 wrestling game published and developed by Sega. It was ported to the Mega Drive in 1991, and was sold only in Europe, Australia, and Japan.

The game centers around rookie grappler Bruce Blade, as players attempt to lead Bruce to the Sega Wrestling Alliance championship by defeating the other members of the Sega Wrestling Alliance roster.

In addition to the arcade and Mega Drive, the game was also included on the Sega Smash Pack compilation for Dreamcast. This would also be its North American debut.


  • Bruce Blade (That's you!)
  • Mohawk Kid
  • Sledge Hammer (bears striking resemblance to Bruiser Brody)
  • Mr. J (bears striking resemblance to Karl Moffat / Jason the Terrible)
  • Don Dambuster (bears striking resemblance to Road Warrior Hawk)
  • Nim Rod Falcon (bears striking resemblance to Mil Mascaras)
  • Titan Morgan (bears striking resemblance to Hulk Hogan)
  • Buckskin Rogers (bears striking resemblance to Stan Hansen)
  • Grand Kong (bears striking resemblance to Abdullah the Butcher)

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