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Released near the end of the Dreamcast's run, Sega Smash Pack celebrates Sega's classic franchises.


Sonic the Hedgehog- 1991 Genesis
Golden Axe- 1989 Genesis
Shining Force- 1993 Genesis
Wrestle War- 1991 Arcades, this is the first home edition in the United States.
Streets of Rage 2- 1992 Genesis
Columns- 1990 Genesis
Virtua Cop  2- 1995 based on the PC, Saturn and Japanese Dreamcast versions.
Phantasy Star II- 1989 Genesis
Vectorman- 1995 Genesis
Altered Beast- 1989 Genesis
Revenge of the Shinobi- 1990 Genesis
Sega Swirl

Other Info

1-4 players
VMU compatible
Light Gun compatible
VGA Box compatible
Arcade Stick compatible

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