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WWE SVR is back...and featuring ECW!

  • Still fun to play as a WWE fan as all other WWE games are
  • Huge amount of match types as their always has been


  • Bad story, isn't nearly as good as previous games
  • Still bad clipping and animation issues


Menus are done very well, aswell as the entrances for most characters. Cut scenes before matches get VERY repetitive.



An improvement, although they could have been much better. Improving at a snails pace from previous games.



Very fun to play as a WWE fan. If you're not a WWE fan it would probably still be fun to play. Controls are getting better. Huge amount of matchtypes. Creating characters and what not is fun. GM Mode gets boring after a half an hour.



WWE superstars are done very well. The announcers (JR, The King, etc) voices can get very annoying and repetitive.



Fun and adds to the replay value. Can use characters you've created in the game which is nice. Usually no serious lag problems.


Lasting Appeal

Unless you're a WWE fan, a month or two tops.



If you're a WWE fan, pick it up. If not it's only worth a rent.


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