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    Xiahou Ba

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    Character introduced in Dynasty Warriors 7. Son of Xiahou Yuan, he flees to Shu after the Sima clan seizes power.

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    Xiahou Ba is the son of Xiahou Yuan, an officer of Wei in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.  Historically, Ba served as an officer of Wei as well until Sima Yi staged a coup d'etat and eliminated the Wei official Cao Shuang.  In the midst of the political turmoil that followed, Xiahou Ba fled to Shu, despite Shu having been responsible for the death of his father.

    Xiahou Ba was accepted into the ranks of Shu and became a part of Jiang Wei's repeated attempts at invading Wei.

    Dynasty Warriors 7

    Xiahou Ba first appears as a playable officer in the Dynasty Warriors series in Dynasty Warriors 7.  Though initially introduced as a member of Wei during the Jin storyline, he defects to Shu early on and remains a member of Shu for the rest of the game.  The other Wei officers consider him a disgrace to his father and a coward, though Ba refuses to see it that way.  He at one point submits himself to execution at the hands of Guo Huai after his defeat, but is rescued by Jiang Wei at the last second.

    Though Xiahou Ba historically remained in Shu following his defection and spends the majority of the Dynasty Warriors 7 Jin storyline as a member of the Shu faction, he is defined as a member of the Jin faction by the way that the characters are organized within the game.

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