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    Xing Cai

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    Xing Cai is from the Dynasty Warriors series. She is the daughter of Zhang Fei.

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    Xing Cai is a fictional character in the Dynasty Warriors series that is loosely based on Zhang Fei's youngest daughter, whose real name is unknown. In the novel Romance of the Three Kingoms, she is the younger sister of Zhang Jing'ai, who was married to the Shu emperor Liu Shan until her death. Xing Cai was then married to Liu Shan in her stead.

    In the Dynasty Warriors series, Xing Cai is the stoic, skilled warrior daughter of Zhang Fei. Her beauty and attitude sit in stark contrast to her father's rough appearance and boisterous demeanor. She first appears in Dynasty Warriors 5 as a member of the Shu faction, but was left off of the roster in Dynasty Warriors 6. She reappears on the roster in Dynasty Warriors 7, though she is only playable in the game's Conquest Mode. She also serves as the instructor during the game's tutorial.


    In all games predating Dynasty Warriors 7, Xing Cai's weapon style revolves around the use of a two-pronged battle fork and a large shield. For her musou attack, she remains stationary while swinging her fork from side to side, taking out enemies directly in front of her. In Dynasty Warriors 7, her EX weapon is an "armor set" of a sword and shield. For her default musou attack, she charges forward and rams enemies with her shield.


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