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    Zhang Fei

    Character » appears in 58 games

    Sworn brother to Liu Bei and Guan Yu. Rumored to have the strength of a thousand men. One of the Five Tiger Generals.

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    Zhang Fei is a figure of Chinese history and a character that appears in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.  He was the sworn brother of Liu Bei and Guan Yu, who together worked to protect and restore the Han Dynasty.  He eventually assisted Liu Bei in the establishment of the Shu kingdom.

    Zhang Fei's greatest weakness was alcohol.  He would frequently become drunk, and while in that state was belligerent and difficult to control.  His life came to an end when his men turned on him and took his head.

    In the Dynasty Warriors series, Zhang Fei has a fictional daughter named Xing Cai, a powerful warrior in her own right, and exists in place of his two actual daughters.

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