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    Yuda is the Beauty Star of the Nanto Roku Seiken in Fist of the North Star. He once kidnapped Mamiya and branded her with his mark.

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    Nanto Kōkaku Ken


    Yuda (ユダ) is the successor of the martial art Nanto Kōkaku Ken (南斗紅鶴拳, South Dipper Crimson Crane Fist). Nanto Kōkaku Ken is one of the 108 schools of Nanto Seiken ( 南斗聖拳, "Sacred Fist of the South Star"). Yuda is a part of the Nanto Roku Seiken ( 南斗六聖拳, "The Six Sacred Fists of the South Star") which represents the six top masters of Nanto Seiken . The six southern styles in the Nanto Roku Seiken represent the six stars of the Nanto Roku Sei (南斗六星, "South Dipper Six Stars") which is a Chinese constellation. Nanto Kōkaku Ken represents the star of Enchantment/Beauty (妖星, Yōsei), which is also referred to as the Star of Betrayal/Deception (裏切りの星, Uragiri no Hoshi), and symbolizes glamour. Being born under that star, Yuda is destined to be cunning and flamboyant, and because of this can also be volatile.

    Nanto Kōkaku Ken It destroys enemies with long-range and vertical attacks. The speed of its techniques can slice the victim apart from the back without touching it.


    Denshō Reppa (伝衝裂波, Tradition-Defying Rending Wave): a powerful vacuum wave that tears along the ground.

    Yōsō Hazan (鷹爪破斬, Hawk Talon Ruin Slash): Powerful vertical slice that splits opponent in half.

    Character Rating

    From Hokuto no Ken: Kyūkyoku Kaisetsusho: Seikimatsu Haō Retsuden.

    • Level: B
    • Power: 3
    • Speed: 4
    • Skills: 4
    • Looks: 5
    • Charisma: 3

    Nanto Roku Seiken

    The Nanto Roku Seiken
    The Nanto Roku Seiken
    • Nanto Koshū Ken (Shin) (南斗孤鷲拳, South Dipper Lone Eagle Fist): This style focuses on rapid stabbing hand strikes. Nanto Koshū Ken represents the Star of Martyrdom (殉星, Junsei).
    • Nanto Suichō Ken (Rei) (南斗水鳥拳, South Dipper Waterbird Fist): This focuses on slicing hand attacks. It specializes in aerial techniques. Nanto Suichō Ken represents the Star of Justice (義星,Gisei).
    • Nanto Kōkaku Ken (Yuda) (南斗紅鶴拳, South Dipper Flamingo Fist): This style uses tends to use vertical slicing attacks and long-range attacks. Nanto Kōkaku Ken represents the Star of Enchantment (妖星, Yōsei).
    • Nanto Hakurō Ken (Shu) (南斗白鷺拳, South Dipper White Heron Fist): This style focuses on kicking techniques, although it also has slicing hand attacks. Nanto Hakurō Ken represents the Star of Benevolence (仁星, Jinsei).
    • Nanto Hōō Ken (Ogai, Souther) (南斗鳳凰拳, South Dipper Fenghuang Phoenix Fist): This freeform style typically has no stances and instead focuses on incredible speed and power. Nanto Hōō Ken represents the Star of Leadership (将星 Shōsei), also known as the Polar Star (極星 Kyokusei) and the Star of the Southern Cross (南十字星 Minami Jūji Sei).
    • Nanto Saigo no Shō (Yuria) (南斗六聖拳最後の将, The Last General of South Dipper): This is a title held by the last member of the Nanto Rokusei. Their role is to unite with Hokuto in times of chaos. Nanto Saigo no Shō represents the Merciful Mother Star (慈母星, Jibosei).


    Yuda is a character in Fist of the North Star and one of the six Nanto Generals. He represents the Star of Beauty. A narcissist, he believes himself to be the most beautiful being in the world. However, Yuda's star also goes by a different name; the Star of Betrayal, an aspect of his personality that manifests after the nuclear war. He betrays the other generals and pledges his allegiance to Ken-Oh, which causes the other generals to drift apart on their own paths.

    In his obsession with beauty, Yuda rounds up women that please him and presses them into servitude. Branding each woman he captures with a "UD," he keeps them as slaves, requiring them to dress and maintain their appearances as he desires; disobedience leads to these slaves being thrown into the desert and left to die. Yuda at one point captures Mamiya on her twentieth birthday and murders her parents in the process, but she manages to break free after being branded and returns home three days alter.

    To free Mamiya from Yuda's torment, Rei faces him in a duel. Yuda attempts to win the battle through trickery, but his trap is thwarted by Kenshiro. Mesmerized by the beauty of Rei's martial arts, Yuda leaves himself open and is cut down.


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