Yukio Terada

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    Within the Yakuza series he is the Fifth Chairman of the Tojo Clan, appointed by Kazuma Kiryu.

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    While a member of the Omi Alliance, Terada become very close to Fuma in the Tojo Clan, and worked with him closely behind the scenes during the events of the first game. While he attempted to assist Kazuma against Jingu, he was betrayed by members of his own alliance who had secretly aligned with Jingu in order to take down the Tojo Clan. Following Jingu's defeat, Kazuma retired and appointed Terada as the new chairman of the Tojo Clan. 
    A year after the events of the first game, the Omi Alliance and the Tojo Clan were heading towards war because of Terada having left the former, and he was strongly attempting to help broker a peace. While visiting Kazuma to seek out his advice, Terada was shot and killed by members of the Omi Alliance, ending his short tenure as head of the Tojo Clan.
    In truth, Terada was actually a Korean named Daejin Kim, one of the survivors of the Jingweon Mafia who had been massacred by the Tojo Clan's Dojima family 26 years previously. Terada faked his own death in order to manipulate Kazuma into trying to broker peace with the Omi, knowing that this would lead Goda Ryuji to try and take over the Tojo Clan in response. Along with Takeshima of the Omi Family, they conspired to wipe out the Tojo Clan, which would allow the Jingweon to take revenge for their massacre 26 years previously. After revealing himself and being defeated by Kazuma, Terada was betrayed by Omi. With this dying words, he asked Kazuma to trust him. Kazuma chose to believe that this meant that his feelings towards Fuma had been genuine.


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