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Zangetsu is a master swordsman from the Far East who, during the ten years before the events of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, traveled to England to help combat the demon invasion using his katana (which he names "Zangetsuto").

Along with a newfound hatred of demons (and the alchemists who brought them), his long battle ended up taking his left eye (which is now covered by an Ofuda) and his right arm (which is now replaced with a reanimated wooden prosthetic).

During the events of Ritual of the Night, he first encounters Miriam in the castle and, sensing her as a Shardbinder, fights her. After his defeat, they proceed through the castle in their separate ways, with Zangetsu revealed to be working with Dominique for a mysterious purpose. Although he initially distrusts Miriam, he aids her by sending her clues on how to proceed (by having Dominique relay them to her).

In the English version of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, he is voiced by David Hayter.

Curse of the Moon

In the companion game Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Zangetsu is the main protagonist who is afflicted with the titular Curse of the Moon by the archdemon Gremory.

Throughout the quest, he encounters three warriors in his pursuit of the dark lord. The player is given the opportunity to either ally themselves with the wanderers, to kill them and absorb their strength, or to ignore them entirely. This series of choices leads to multiple possible endings, in which Zangetsu's own arc differs substanitally from one ending to another. The presumed canon is the path in which Zangetsu allies himself with Miriam, Alfred and Gebel in order to reach and defeat the looming darkness. In doing so, Zangetsu sacrifices himself to save his newfound comrades, and is consumed by the great evil.

Reborn as the new dark lord, Zangetsu takes his predecessor's seat of power for himself, preparing for a new age of darkness. However, through the combined efforts of his companions, he is brought low and slain before he can inflict his wrath upon the world. While his physical form is assumed to be destroyed, the three survivors assure themselves that Zangetsu's soul has been saved.


  • Zangetsuto: Basic attack. Horizontal forward slash. It can be performed quickly, but has limited range. This attack can be performed from the ground and in the air.
  • Ball-and-chain: Default sub-weapon. Shoots out upwards, diagonally (45 degree angle). Consumes 3 WP.
  • Magic Charms: Sub-weapon. Throws out the seal downwards, diagonally (45 degree angle), which bursts open upon contact with the first surface it reaches. A small, swirling vortex of energy damages all that enters it's radius for roughly two seconds before dissipating. Consumes 3 WP.
  • Demon Essence: Sub-weapon. Imbues himself with a dark power, strengthening attacks for roughly ten seconds. Consumes 4 WP.
  • Crescent Moon: Soul Art acquired from sacrificing Miriam. Converts the basic aerial attack into a vertical slash that can strike those in front of him, as well as those above and below him.
  • Blood Moon: Soul Art acquired from sacrificing Alfred. Endows the character with a second jump. Once in the air, press the Jump Button again to perform Blood Moon. Can be used to change direction whilst in the air, giving a modicum of air control.
  • New Moon: Soul Art acquired from sacrificing Gebel. Grants one the ability to dash, by either double-tapping to the left or right, or pressing the chosen button repeatedly (B by default [XBOX 360 GAMEPAD]).

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