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    A mysterious man who has been reincarnated over and over for centuries, retaining his memories each time. Now he seeks to use the power of Soul Edge to finally die and find peace, and uses absolutely ruthless means to accomplish this goal.

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    Zasalamel was originally born to an ancient tribe that was tasked with the protection of the spirit sword Soul Calibur. He was frustrated by the tribe's edicts that forbade the use of Soul Calibur, even in a crisis. While attempting to take the sword, he was discovered and exiled from the tribe. Angry and vengeful, Zasalamel then sought out ancient and forbidden magics, until he discovered the magical art of reincarnation.

    The spell was a success. Though his body would still age and eventually die, he would immediately be reborn into a new body and retain all the memories of his former lives. These new bodies would even grow to be identical to his original body, right down to the golden false eye he had replaced his left eye with after he lost it in an accident. Through the generations, Zasalamel existed in a cycle of living, dying, and being reborn. He repeated this cycle over and over again, until he no longer saw any joy in living. However, he had no way to end the spell; even when he committed suicide he was immediately reborn, as the cycle of rebirth could not be halted, only moved ahead of schedule. In an attempt to lift his "curse" he sought the evil blade, Soul Edge, to have it devour his soul, but found that he and he alone was immune to the demon sword's hunger, the spell binding his soul to this world so firmly. So, to end his eternal circle of life and death, Zasalamel looked to Soul Calibur to save him, but when he returned to his ancient homeland he found no signs of life and no sword.

    Zasalamel decided that he would seek out both blades and try to use their combined power, but after finding both swords in the possession of Siegfried, he learned terrible news. The two had been bound together, and lost most of their power in the process. So he devised a plan to give Soul Edge more power which would cause Soul Calibur to do the same to fight it. He gave Nightmare, the will of the evil sword, a new form with no need for a host. He also lead survivors of Nightmare's past actions to Siegfried, in order to cause conflict in his mind.

    However, when Siegfried and Nightmare finally do battle, the clashing of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur causes a surge of power that shows Zasalamel a vision of mankind's future potential. Wishing to be a witness to this future he feels hope for the first time in centuries, and finds a new purpose for existing. He sets off to gain control of both weapons and bend them to his will, so that his vision of the future can become a reality.


    Zasalamel as Abyss, Boss of Soul Calibur III
    Zasalamel as Abyss, Boss of Soul Calibur III

    A non-canon character created when Zasalamel absorbs both the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur into his body in an attempt to end his life. Instead of dying, he transforms into the monstrous Abyss, the boss of Soul Calibur III. Players fight him in the final battle of the single player mode, unless they reach that point without losing a single round. In that case the Soul Swords are absorbed by Nightmare instead, transforming him into Night Terror.


    Soul Calibur III

    Zasalamel is circled by the floating Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. He absorbs them into his scythe, which causes a bright flash of light.

    • If the input command is pressed, Zasalamel successfully breaks the spell of immortality, rendering himself a mortal man. He then decided to chronicle the experiences of all of his past lives, which took years to finish. After he completes this great task, he waits out the rest of his days in peace.
    • If no input is pressed, nothing seems to happen and Zasalamel falls to his knees, questioning why he is unable to die. He then laughs bitterly and realizes that he has no choice but to continue this meaningless existence forever.

    Soul Calibur IV

    Zasalamel defeats Algol and fuses Soul Edge and Soul Calibur into a small orb. Hundreds of years later, in the modern age, the current incarnation of Zasalamel is then shown standing in the wilderness starring at a distant city skyline. He says to himself that time goes on, and that he will watch over mankind for all eternity. His assistant then tells him that they will be late for a business meeting, so he boards a helicopter, after taking one more look at the horizon. Text then appears saying: "He will live on forever as a guide for mankind and encouraging progress."


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