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Zhao Yun is one of the main characters in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, she plays an important role through out the game, although Jensen meets her later on. She is the founder and CEO of Tai Yong Medical company, which specializes in augmentations. The quality of the augmentations is sub-par as often, idealist employes of Tai Yong are complaining on the materials used in the building of augmentation technology. She is interested in profit and power first, and cares little for the quality her companies products. She is one of the most wealthy women in the world, she is sophisticated and intelligent, although brutal and unforgiving in her business practices and personal life.  Not much is known of her early and later life. She is killed in the Panachea complex built by Hugh Darrow, as she attempts to take control over the Hyperion AI, Adam Jensen is forced to kill her.


Zhao Yun is, as mentioned, an unforgiving woman. She often uses illegal tactics and strategy to destroy her competition, if her attempts at  buyouts and bribes fail at first. She is one of the most successful and wealthy businesswomen  in the world. She seems to have a very low opinion of men in general, as seen in the way she handled Adam Jensen the first time he came to confront her.

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