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2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa 0

EA Sports have yet again brought an amazing game out, this time bringing the magic and colours of the 2010 fifa world cup which was held in South Africa. I've given this game a 4.5 star rating because i really enjoyed it's unique qualities. At first i thought this is gonna be just another fifa football/soccor game as usual but they really brought this game to life. There's obviously the vuvuzelas which is a great addition to the game and you can play as a record 199 different international teams...

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Why would anyone pay full price for this? 0

 This is a review for the latest Fifa cash-in for the coming football (soccer) World Cup in South Africa. I am long time PES player but since Konami stopped making entertaining football games couple of years a go. I I've jumped ship. And play my footie on Fifa franchise now a days. Last such game being the Fifa 10 for PS3 which is no doubt best football game for the generation. World cup is major sports event arranged every 4 years. This year being South Africa's turn to ho...

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World Cup glory or penalty shootout agony? 0

FIFA’s World Cup and European Cup games have received a deservedly bad reputation throughout the years. They’re usually rushed out to coincide with the big event not long after the latest annual outing, often skimming over substantial features and adding nothing new to the gameplay despite their full pricing. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa looks to break up this disappointing formula, featuring a plethora of new and unique features whilst improving upon the already fantastic FIFA 10 eng...

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FIFA 10 World Cup: South Africa Review 0

After playing the FIFA 10, you have a truly great expectations for the next game in line of FIFA games and admiration for how far the series has come. This summer, before you play FIFA 11 or even watch the biggest sporting event in the World, EA Sports hopes to capture the passion you have for your country in FIFA 10 World Cup: South Africa. The core elements are there, just as you remember them from FIFA 10. The Team from EA added new Celebrations and improved the goalkeepers intelligence(less ...

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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa 0

EA Sports' flawless, magnificent FIFA Engine is back with the 2010 World Cup game. Whilst it lacks the sheer amount of content that FIFA 10 had, this is still a fun experience worth checking out. Few sports games provide the player with the emotional catharsis of victory, but 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa does. Winning the world cup feels like a huge deal, and not just for the hefty 100G achievement you receive. The presentation is terrific and the sound design impeccable - it's just a shame ...

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XBOX 360 Review: 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa 0

The World Cup has finished, Spain has declared supremacy for the next four years and if you are anything like me you are going through some serious international soccer withdrawal. Fortunately there is a cure for the twitches and it is in the form of EA Sports' 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa. Offering nearly everything that FIFA 10 did but instead of focusing on club soccer and the world's best leagues, World Cup: South Africa shifts to the international qualification process and the gran...

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