hendersonman's 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (Xbox 360) review

Just Ridiculous and Fun

50 Cent has made a reputation of being shot 9 times and surviving. Don't believe me, just ask him. But putting all those thoughts aside, he has made millions in marketing himself and his Vitamin Water. (In stores now)

Vitamin Water: In Stores now!!!

You Play as 50 cent, and you are pissed. After playing your concert in an Unknown Middle East Country... Probably the same one that Call of Duty 4 takes place, who knows. You realize you did not get paid. Oh those crazy concert promoters dont know who they are messing with, and Fiddy has GOTZ to GET PAID. Instead of 10 million in cold hard cash you are given a skull of a former country rulers favorite wife, which he had covered in diamonds.

Imediately you are ambushed, and the skull is stolen. And you spend the rest of the game getting back what is yours. Because in Fiddy's world, Whats his is his, and whats yours is his too.

When playing this game I am reminded of my schoolboy fantasies. When you envisioned your school being taken over by terrorist, and you, all of 8 years old; save the school and your elementary school crush ("I did it all for you, MANDY!"). It seems 50 cent has never grown up, and still has those images running through his head.

All joking about the ridiculous story aside. Fiddy and THQ have put a good game together. It mixes elements of so many games together, and they work so well together. You have a little Gears, Army of Two, The Club, and Stranglehold. And I found myself playing this game over and over. Always going back for more. Yes its ridiculous seeing 50 take a rocket to the chest and not dying instantly.

The graphics are built in UNREAL engine  3. So they are decent, however sometimes wall textures were slow to load in, leaving things with a muddy look.

The game allow you to play co-op, with one of three fellow G-unit memebers. AL of which play the same, and interact with 50 the same way. Mostly giving him combat support and moral support like any good entourage should. And several times they may make a coment about the architecture, and 50 giggles, knowing how unealistic that sounds.  

But damn the game is just arcadey fun. Even if you are not a fam of 50 cent or his music. I think I read that 50 cent made a bunch of songs for this game, most of which is the N word sang over and over again, with a few bitches and hos thrown in for good measure.

I cant recommend this as a buy at 60, but the game is fun and the co-op could keep you going. Its worth a rental. So try it out. 

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