Ace Combat Assault Horizon Has Tone On 360, PS3

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#101 Posted by TheHBK (5486 posts) -

What is this?  Is that even in game?  Looks like it, since they had hud elements, but those new camera views for different portions of the game, that looks cool and all but most of us want to control with a flightstick, that stuff seems to work for a controller more than anything. 
Also at the beginning, HAWKGUNNER.... i thought they were taking a shot at HAWX. 
Also, I need to know more about this because the Japanese nature of the last games put me off, and the fake countries, oh how stupid. 
Emmeria, Estovakia, Yuktobania, Gracemerian capital, really?  It is hard to get into a military game when the countries aint real.  Even Metal Gear doesn't mess with that.

#102 Posted by vilgax (5 posts) -

must by this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#103 Posted by Navazarian (35 posts) -

Looks awesome :D    
#104 Edited by Devil240Z (3368 posts) -

PRAISE THE LAWD!!!! Best announcement all year.  but I am a humongous Ace Combat fan. 
EDIT: NOOOOO!!!!! A Contemporary setting!!!! I want FANTASY!!! Asteroids and upside down europe!

#105 Posted by Xealot42 (277 posts) -
@SmotPoker said:
"  As long as no one is told to "go dance with the angels" (almost made Ace Combat 6 unbearable, luckily you can skip those cutscenes), I'll be looking forward to playing this when it comes out. "
Yeah I hope they do better with the story/cutscenes this time.  I think I rolled my eyes at every AC6 cutscene.
#106 Posted by Mrnitropb (2090 posts) -

Ok is it just my connection that is making the trailer look reaaaly janky and mosaic'd? Especially the explosions?

#107 Posted by HypnoFunk (16 posts) -

Really looking forward to the return of this series. I just hope it isn't ad-ridden. Verizon JetTweets!

#108 Posted by YUNNINGMOOSE (4 posts) -

i have only played fires of libeartion demo. but this looks incredible. i have always wanted a game like this. the combat seems very excited for everytrhing you do. the only problems i think about are if the multiplayer will have a rise in players and how longthe campaign is. i may just rent to make sure.
#109 Posted by CreativeColossi (215 posts) -

Screw HAWX.

#110 Posted by CreativeColossi (215 posts) -
@Devil240Z: I miss Osea too, brah.
#111 Posted by smearCampaign (3 posts) -

the new splinter cell will have twitter enabled night vision goggles

#112 Posted by BadJackDaniels (24 posts) -

Yeaaa... I love this game.

#113 Posted by wickedgame69 (74 posts) -

Never really been into air combat games, but this definitely is peaking my interest

#114 Edited by CreativeColossi (215 posts) -
@cazamalos: How did this in any way evoke realism to you? 
Real jets shoot missiles at each other from 15 miles out, and confirm a kill if they manage to see a flash, and stall if you pull 75% of the maneuvers people attempt in these games. Sound like fun? Cause that's realism.  
A small warhead air-to-air missile blowing a huge effing chunk out of an apartment building is not realism either.  
Oh and if you look closely, you'll notice that this is probably a mode where you are locked into tailing the enemy plane with QTE prompts to follow the enemy, from there you can probably exit to free flight.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE THIS GAME, but it is not realistic AT ALL.
#115 Posted by Devil240Z (3368 posts) -
@CreativeColossi said:
" @Devil240Z: I miss Osea too, brah. "
I guess I can't fault them too much if they are making the game they really want to make. 
#116 Posted by Sergotron (487 posts) -

Oh snap! Gamespot is still around?

#117 Posted by KowalskiTakePoint (65 posts) -

this looks like crap. I fell in love with the series when I played AC4. Where the hell are the crazy super weapons and experimental jets. Im disappointed. 

#118 Posted by Cazamalos (983 posts) -
@CreativeColossi:  i put the real inside " ", we all now ace combat games are arcade as it gets, but i was talking about "real" settings,i mean no more giant size airships, or nuclear pulse cannons on the north pole, etc; and if they try to make a more serious plot , they probably will end doing something worse and more boring than "dancing with the angels" stuff, that's what i mostly afraid of, i hope as you say this rail on shooter parts are just optional or not every time, thats why i also end saying it's only the first trailer and nothing more    

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