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Alex Kidd travels to the mystical Planet Paperrock, where he hears word that his long-lost father King Thor is still alive. Along the way, Alex must use his karate skills, as well as his Scissors-Paper-Rock techniques, to vanquish his enemies on his way to the titular Enchanted Castle.



Gameplay consists of basic platforming: running, jumping, collecting coins, etc. However, Alex uses a punch attack instead of the more traditional way of destroying enemies, the head stomp.

At the end of most levels, Alex must compete in a game of Scissors-Paper-Rock with that level's boss. If he wins, the level is completed and the player moves on. If Alex loses, the player loses a life and must start the level again.

Along the way, Alex encounters different shops where he can gamble in Scissors-Paper-Rock games to win various items that can help him on his quest.


Alex Kidd's inventory.
Alex Kidd's inventory.
  • Magic Ring: Shoots fireball
  • Pogo stick: Allows Alex to jump extra high
  • Motorbike: Run over enemies in Alex' path
  • Cane: Alex can levitate
  • Helicopter: Alex can fly and shoot missiles
  • Cape: Invincibility
  • Necklace: Read opponents' mind during Scissors-Paper-Rock match

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