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Alien Hominid HD (Xbox 360) 0

Alien Hominid HD is a dressed-up port of the unforgivingly hard cult favorite flash game, which also made its rounds on last generation consoles. It features a quirky art style, and great sense of humor that’ll keep you coming back for more.The game, made famous by Newgrounds is a throwback to the side scrolling shooters that many of us grew up with. There’s really not too much there for depth, but it eventually all equates to simple, stupid fun.In Alien Hominid, you play as an alien who crash l...

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A Shooter With Charm 0

Alien Hominid is a stylish little side-scroller shooter which found it's way from a flash game on New Grounds to a home on consoles. The best way to describe Alien Hominid is Metal Slug meets Contra meets Invader Zim. Graphics are entirely hand drawn by Dan Paladin whose style is somewhat akin to Jhonen Vasquez. I mention graphics first because that's what most people will notice, this ain't a typical shooter! Most of the elements of a normal shooter are here, powerful guns, loads of enemies, an...

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While the same as previous versions, this is still worth buying. 0

Had enough with games on the Xbox Live Arcade that only featured classics we know and love but wishing for something updated? Well look no more as Alien Hominid HD is the next best thing to come out since Uno. Alien Hominid started as a 'prototype' at The PC flash will live on to be played more than 6 million views. Then in 2004, the yellow alien landed on GameCube and PlayStation 2. Now 3 years later, gamers playing the Xbox 360 can now have the taste of the quirky gore. The gam...

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A hilarious 2D shooter packed with fun gameplay. 0

                I wasn't expecting much from Alien Hominid.  I have played countless side-scrolling shooters during my years as a gamer, and didn't expect this title to best one of my favorites, Metal Slug.  Even though I wasn't an arcade enthusiast by any means, I used to love playing Metal Slug games at the arcade.  Despite the fun I had with these games, their premise eventually began to wear thin.  I didn't know if a 2D shooter could ever rekindle my love for the genre, but Alien Hominid HD ...

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