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Fire Emblem: Gaiden

At the start of Fire Emblem: Gaiden, Alm is met living in the small village of Ram in southern Sofia with his grandfather Maisen. As the elder Maisen trains Alm in the art of the sword, Ruka, a young man from the Liberation Army gathers a crowd in the town square. Ruka explains to the people that Prime Minister Dozeh orchestrated a coup d'etat, and has seized control of the country from King Rima IV. Knowing that Maisen used to be a general in the army, Ruka asked Alm to ask the old knight to join their cause, knowing that he could stand against Dozeh. Alm was certain that Maisen would join, however Maisen knew the sorrows of war, and was not willing to have those experiences again. Alm apologized for his grandfather, and offered to take his place in the army. Impressed by his courage, Alm's friends, Cliff, Grey, and Robin joined the army as well.

As they traveled to the Liberation Army's base, Alm and his companions fought many bandits and monsters. As they journeyed into the Thieve's Shrine, they rescued Silk, a priestess of the goddess Mila, who was kidnapped by bandits east of Ram. Traveling further north, the group seized the Southern Fortress from the forces of Dozeh and there they met the pegasus knight Clea, the sister of the Liberation Army's leader. She explained to Alm and his party that she was captured in battle by Dozeh's men and they had imprisoned her there. Thanking Alm, she led him and the others to Liberation Army HQ located in an old abandoned shrine.

At the HQ, the leader of the army, Clerbe, explained the situation to Alm in full. When Dozeh killed the royal family of Sofia, the closest remaining relative to the bloodline of Sofia was General Maisen. Clerbe wanted Maisen to become the leader of the Liberation Army, and then king of Sofia. Since Maisen refused to lead the Liberation Army, Clerbe recognized Alm as the official leader of the army, and future king of Sofia.

As the army made preparations to attack Dozeh at Sofia Castle, Fols, a soldier in the army relayed a rumor he heard going around. Dozeh was fearing an attack from the Liberation Army, so he made a pact with Emperor Rudolf of Rigel to help fight the rebels. Recognizing that reinforcements from Rigel would annihilate the Liberation Army, Alm led the army to Sofia Castle and successfully forced Dozeh into hiding.

At the Castle, Alm met Maisen who ruefully congratulated him on his victory against Dozeh. Knowing that fate can never be avoided, he told Alm to follow his own path, and live the destiny that he was meant to. While at the castle, Alm also learned that one princess of Sofia had escaped death and was hiding from Dozeh. Armed with this knowledge, Alm vowed to defeat Dozeh and Rudolf,and then return the princess to the throne of Sofia.

As Alm made plans to fight Dozeh and Rudolf, his childhood friend Cellica payed him a visit at the castle. Cellica knew that countless lives would be lost in the war with Rigel, and she begged Alm to negotiate with the emperor. Despite her pleas, Alm stood his ground, stating that Rigel had already invaded northern Sofia, and that by joining forces with Dozeh, they had made themselves the enemy of Sofia. Cellica gives Alm a sorrowful farewell, and the two friends embark on their separate journeys.

When Alm and his army journeys into northern Sofia, they meet the mage Ryuto in the Forest Village. He explains to Alm that his sister Dyute was brainwashed by the necromancer Tatara. Alm asks Ryuto to use his magic to help the army, and in exchange he will rescue Dyute from Tatara's control. As they continue on their travels, the army eventually reaches Dozeh's fortress, where a massive battle between the Sofian Army, and the remnants of Dozeh's Army breaks out. After Dozeh is defeated, Alm frees the prisoners and continues on his journey to Rigel.

Before Alm could enter Rigel, he had to open the floodgate separating Sofia and Rigel. It was there where Tatara ambushed Alm and his army, hoping to prevent the Sofians from entering Rigel. After a brief skirmish, Alm killed Tatara and freed Dyute from his control. As thanks for saving her, Dyute joined the Sofian Army with her brother.

In Rigel, Alm traveled to the mansion owned by the fearsome necromancer Nuibaba. After defeating the ruthless sorcerer, Alm found the priestess Teeta being held hostage in the mansion. She explained to Alm that her fiancee General Zeke was opposed to war with Sofia, so Nuibaba and General Jerome took her prisoner to force his hand. With her safe, Zeke would be able to stop fighting and confront Emperor Rudolf about the nature of the war.

When Alm and Zeke finally meet, the general refused to join Alm's army, claiming that he cannot betray Emperor Rudolf. As Zeke prepares to leave, he notices that Alm has a cross shaped birthmark on his right arm. Emperor Rudolf had entrusted the safety of a young man with that very same birthmark to Zeke, so the general backtracked on his stance and joined forces with Alm.

Soon enough, Alm and his army arrived at Rigel Castle, and battled with Emperor Rudolf. As they battled, Rudolf refused to harm Alm in combat, infuriating Alm as they fought. After Alm defeated the emperor, the horrible truth was finally revealed. Alm was in fact the only son of Emperor Rudolf, with his proper name being Alpine Alm Rudolf. The emperor congratulated Alm on his growth, and ordered him to use the divine Falchion to defeat the dark god Doma.

Once again, Maisen met with Alm at Rigel Castle, and confirmed that Alm was Rudolf's son, and not his grandson. Maisen explained that Valencia was rotting from the segregation of Sofia and Rigel. Rudolf knew that a hero had to rise to save the land, and by igniting conflict between the nations, a hero would naturally come forth. Maisen then told Alm that the land was still in danger, and that he still had to defeat Doma. Maisen joined Alm's army, and together they traveled to the mysterious Doma's Tower.

At the tower, Alm and Cellica united once again. Using their combined powers, the two of them fought against Doma, and his servant the dark priest Judah. Defeating Judah and Doma with the Falchion, allowed the god to give his last message to the people. He told Alm to inherit the land, and to carry to love of Mila and the strength of Doma as they carried out their lives.

After the war, Alm and Cellica were wed, and the two of them united Rigel and Sofia into the Kingdom of Valencia. Alm became a great legend throughout the land, and soon became known as the Holy King, Alm the First.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Alm appears as an NPC in several of the DLC maps in Fire Emblem: Awakening. He first appears with Marth and Ike in the map Heroes of Yore 1 in order to fight heroines of the Fire Emblem series. Celica is cast in the role of the stage's boss. Alm appears in the subsequent Heroes of Yore 2 and 3 maps as an enemy NPC.

Alm appears again in the DLC map Lost Bloodlines 2. In this battle, the player must ally with a team of characters from Genealogy of the Holy War in order to defeat characters from Fire Emblem Gaiden and Monshou no Nazo. If the player wins, Alm becomes available as a playable character of the special Demon Fighter class.

Alm's DLC concept art was drawn by HACAAN.

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