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Valentia is a continent located in the same world as the continent of Archanea in the Fire Emblem series. The continent serves as the setting of Fire Emblem Gaiden, and though the story of Gaiden is separate from the tales in both the original Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi and the following Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo, several characters from the other games make appearances in Gaiden's storyline.

In Fire Emblem: Awakening, the continent is known as Valm.


In the early days of man, Valentia was ruled by two gods, Doma and Mila. Doma, the god of Power and Mila the goddess of Earth, had a disagreement about the state of man, which led to war which devastated Valentia. After the time of darkness ended, the two gods signed a pact, and divided the land in two, Rigel to the north which was strong, but cruel, and Zofia in the south which was prosperous, but corrupt. For centuries, both kingdoms flourished, the Kingdom of Rigel, invaded Zofia in the year 604. A third minor country known as Geyse's Kingdom was created by the Bandit King Geyse, but neither Zofia nor Rigel recognized it.

Unification and Renaming

Following the events of Fire Emblem: Gaiden, the nations of Rigel and Zofia were united, creating one nation that spanned the continent. The continent itself would later be renamed Valm in honor of Alm.




The god of power, he values power of all else. After he signed a pact with his sister, he entered a deep slumber, not wishing to be disturbed. When Rigel invaded Zofia, the necromancer Judah summoned Doma, and all of Valentia was threatened once again.


The emperor of Rigel, he desires unification of all Valentia. Before the conflict started, he sealed away the Goddess Mila inside the Falchion, and then invaded Zofia with the aid of Prime Minister Dozeh. After Dozeh was defeated, he met Alm in battle at Rigel Castle and revealed that he invaded Zofia so that the heirs of Rigel and Zofia would come together, and unite the land. After Alm defeated him, Rudolf revealed himself as Alm's father, and told him to take the Falchion and unite Valentia before succumbing to his wounds.


Born as Alpine Alm Rudolf, son of Emperor Rudolf, he was taken away as a baby and raised in the Zofian village of Ram. For sixteen years, he trained under the Rigelian general Mycen in the art of war and combat. When news of a Liberation Army reached Ram, Alm volunteered to join in place of Mycen who refused. Once he arrived at the army HQ, he was promoted to leader because of his training under Mycen. Alm led the army to victory after victory, liberating Zofia, and then conquering Rigel. When he learned that was the heir to Rigel, he led both armies of Rigel and Zofia, and defeated Doma saving the land.


A general from Rigel, he was given custody of Prince Alm, and raised him in the village of Ram. For some time, Mycen also worked as a general of Zofia, and taught the art of war to the lazy Zofian soldiers. When Alm left to join the Liberation Army, Mycen followed them making sure that Alm made it to Zofia safely. He later reappeared at Rigel Castle, and explained Rudolf's dream to Alm. Knowing that the fate of all Valentia now hung in the balance, Mycen joined Alm's army. After Doma was defeated, Mycen became Prime Minister of the new Kingdom of Valentia.


A man with no memories, he became a general for Emperor Rudolf. Zeke is a man from a foreign land, who was discovered washed up on the Rigelian shore. He was rescued by the Rigelians, and was given the name Zeke by Emperor Rudolf. Over time, Zeke fell in love with the priestess Teeta, and soon they were engaged to be married. When Alm's army entered Zofia, some other generals of Rigel took Teeta hostage, and forced Zeke to fight with them. After Teeta was saved by Alm, Zeke recognized the birthmark on his arm, and joined Alm's army. After the war ended, Zeke regained his memories, and returned to his homeland to clear some unfinished business, but one day returned to Teeta.


A priestess of Rigel, she is engaged to General Zeke. As a member of the Rigel court, Teeta met the mysterious knight Zeke, and the two fell in love. When Rigel was invaded, Nuibaba took Teeta hostage, and forced Zeke to fight against Alm. When Alm's army rescued her, she explained the situation, and joined with Alm to free Zeke. After Zeke was freed, both Teeta and Zeke joined Alm's army, and helped to defeat Doma. After the war ended, she married Zeke and prayed for their happiness.


A general of Rigel and captain of Emperor Rudolf's guard. He had spent years waiting for Alm's return, and introduced Alm to the knights of Rigel as the new emperor.


A high priest of Doma, he expelled Bishop Hark, and seized control of Doma's Tower. He sold his soul for Doma's return, and plots for Doma to rule the world. Over the course of the war, he harasses Celica, and uses his power to capture Mila's champion.


Judah's first daughter, she sold her soul for the summoning of Doma.


Judah's second daughter, she sold her soul for the summoning of Doma.


Judah's third daughter, she hates her father and ran away from home. She eventually wandered into the eastern desert, and became an enforcer for the Bandit King Geyse. She hated Geyse's brutality, but refused to act against him. After Celica killed Geyse, she joined Celica's army as a way of saying thanks.


A sorcerer serving Judah, he defends Doma from Alm. Is he related to Gharnef from Archanea?


A loyal knight of Rigel, he guards the fortress south of Rigel Castle.


A loyal knight of Rigel, he leads a battalion at Rigel Falls.


A knight of Rigel, he has a deep hatred for General Zeke.


A necromancer known as the master of Terror Mountain, he sold his soul for the Medusa spell. He is afraid of General Zeke, and took Teeta hostage.


A soldier from Rigel, he patrols the are near the border.


A soldier from Rigel, he patrols the area near the border. Is he related to Seazas?


A sorcerer from Rigel, he guards Doma's Gate.


A sorcerer from Rigel, he has his own fortress near a cursed swamp.


A necromancer from Rigel, he guards the Death Swamp before Dolk's fortress.


A necromancer from Rigel, he oversees the fiends in Mila Valley in Zofia.


A swordsman from Rigel, he operates near Mila Valley in Zofia.


A sorcerer from Rigel, he kidnapped and brainwashed the Zofian mage Dyute for his army. After Alm killed him, Dyute was released from his power.


A knight of Rigel, he was part of the army which invaded Zofia.


A knight of Rigel, he was among the soldiers who invaded Zofia.


A knight of Rigel, he served as a guard for Dozeh.


The high priest of Doma, a feud with Judah had him cast out of Doma's Tower. After Hark was banished, he fled into the hidden village located within the Lost Woods. From there he led a small resistance against Judah, and defied him at every turn. When Celica arrived at the village looking for help, Celica asked him to give Alm greater power, and Alm became a Hero.



The goddess of earth, she values pleasure above all else. After she signed a pact with her brother, she entered a deep slumber, not wishing to be disturbed. When Rigel invaded Zofia, Emperor Rudolf attacked Mila, and sealed her in the Falchion. From then on, crops failed and the land began to die.

Rima IV

The king of Zofia and father of Celica, he was a foolish man who preferred to live in decadence than ruling the land. When Prime Minister Dozeh took all the power from King Rima, he was unable to reclaim his throne. After the coup, Rima was executed by Dozeh.


A priestess of Mila, she was discovered by King Rima and eventually became his queen. Like her husband, she had no ability to rule the land, and easily allowed Dozeh to take over. After the coup, Liprica was executed by Dozeh.


The daughter of Rima and Liprica, Celica was taken away as a baby by General Mycen. She spent a few years with Alm in the village of Ram, but when Dozeh's power grew too great, Mycen had her moved to Nova Monastery. When Mila was sealed by Rudolf, Celica left the monastery, and traveled through Zofia to Mila's Temple. There, she was recognized as Princess Anteze, and told to journey to Doma's Tower. After Doma's defeat, Celica married Alm and became the most beloved queen of the Kingdom of Valentia.


Bishop of Nova Monastery, he has raised Celica since she was a child. When Celica left on her journey to find Mila, Nomah was concerned for her safety and followed her in secret. When Celica arrived at Mila's Temple, she found Nomah trapped inside. He explained that he was watching over her and since she knew he was there, they may as well travel together. After Doma's defeat, Nomah united both The Church of Doma and The Church of Mila into one faith.


A mage serving Nova Monastery, he often argues with his partner May. When Celica left the Nova Monastery, Boey joined her party because he was concerned about the lack of men accompanying her. After Doma's defeat, he worked under Nomah at the church.


A mage serving Nova Monastery, she often argues with her partner Boey. When Celica left the Nova Monastery, May joined her party as she was disgusted at Boey's low level spells. After Doma's defeat, she worked under Nomah at the church.


A priestess of Mila, she trains at Nova Monastery. When Celica left on her journey, Jenny went with her so she could take care of Celica's injuries. After Doma was defeated, she married the mercenary Sevr, and left for Jessy's new kingdom.


A pristess of Mila, she travels the land tending to the injured. As she was traveling in southern Zofia, she was kidnapped by bandits, and taken to the Thieve's Shrine. After Alm defeated the bandit's Silk joined his army as a healer.


A mercenary from Zofia, spends of most of his time drinking in the Port of Nova. When Celica and her friends arrived at the port, they saw Sevr causing a ruckus at the bar. Recognizing that he was a mercenary, Celica hired him to protect them from pirates. After Doma's defeat, he married Jenny and traveled to the new kingdom Jessy created.


A former knight of Zofia, he left his post after the Pirate King Dahha murdered his family. Filled with a desire for revenge, Valbar and his friend Leo hired the mercenary Kamui, and traveled to Dahha's hideout. After Celica helped him kill Dahha, he joined her army as a knight. After Doma was defeated, Valbar returned to the army at Alm's request.


A former knight of Zofia, when the family of his best friend Valbar were murdered, he joined his friend in avenging them. After Celica helped him kill Dahha, he joined her army after Valbar agreed to help them. After Doma's defeat, Leo became a knight once again and helped rebuild the land.


A mercenary from Zofia, he was hired by Valbar to kill the pirate Dahha. After Dahha was defeated, he joined Celica on her journey, but warned her of Dracozombies. After Doma's defeat, he helped Jessy build his new kingdom.


A knight of Zofia, when Dozeh deposed the king he left the capital and formed the Liberation Army. When Alm arrived at his camp, Clive was amazed at his relation to Mycen, and gave command of the army to Alm. After Doma's defeat, he married Matilda and became leader of the army.


A knight of Zofia, she is a member of the Liberation Army. During the fight for Zofia, she was captured by Dozeh and taken to his lands north of Zofia. When Alm's army reached Dozeh's land, he prepared to execute Matilda, but was killed before he could. Saved, Matilda joined Alm's army and helped him invade Rigel. After Doma was defeated, she married Clive and retired as knight.


A pegasus knight from Zofia, Clair is a member of her brother Clive's Liberation Army. As she traveled the land looking for new members, she was shot down and imprisoned in the southern fortress. After being freed, she escorted Alm to Clive's HQ. After Doma's defeat Clair married the villager Grey.


A member of the Liberation Army, he is a very out going man. He traveled to Ram Village and recruited Alm and his friends into the Liberation Army. After Doma's defeat, he helped rebuild the land.


A member of the Liberation Army, he poorly guards the Liberation Army HQ entrance. When Alm took command of the army, Paison helped him take Zofia Castle. After Doma's defeat, he left the army and became leader of a town militia.


A member of the Liberation Army, he poorly guards the Liberation Army HQ entrance. When Alm took command of the army, Fols informed him of the Rigel involvement and then helped him take Zofia Castle. After Doma's defeat, he helped rebuild the land.


A no name mercenary from Zofia, he traveled to Geyse's Kingdom in the east. While there, he saw the Macedonian pegasus knight Est, and tried to free her from capture. When he was seen by Geyse's men, he was beaten up and imprisoned. When Celica freed him from jail, Jessy helped her hatch a plan to save Est. After Doma's defeat, Jessy returned to Geyse's Kingdom and created his own one. He then became known as the Desert Mercenary.


A mage from Zofia, his sister Dyute was kidnapped by Tatara. When Alm's army arrived at his village, he begged Alm to save his sister, and joined Alm's army. After Doma's defeat, he traveled to another land to improve his magic.


Ryuto's younger sister, she was brainwashed by Tatara for her awesome Aura spell. As a mage, she wrecked havoc against the Zofian army, but returned to normal when Alm killed Tatara. As thanks for saving her, Dyute joined Alm's army.


A villager from Ram, he joined the Liberation Army alongside his childhood friend Alm. After Doma's defeat, he married the pegasus knight Clair.


A villager from Ram, he joined the Liberation Army alongside his childhood friend Alm. After Doma's defeat, he became a knight and helped rebuild the land.


A villager from Ram, he joined the Liberation Army alongside his childhood friend Alm. After Doma's defeat, he said farwell to Alm and was never seen again.


A villager from norther Zofia, all of his siblings were kidnapped by Geyse. Angered by Geyse, he joined Celica's army when they arrived at his village. After Doma's defeat, he found his siblings and returned to his job as a wood cutter in his village.


The Prime Minister of Zofia, he has spent years gaining power from King Rima IV. When he gained as much as he could, he executed the royal family and declared himself king with Rigel's backing. When Alm arrived in the capital, he fled to his own lands in the north, where he was defeated by Alm.


A knight loyal to Dozeh, he guards Zofia Castle. When Alm arrived in the capital, Slayder led the army against Alm, but died in battle.

False Dozeh

A body double of Dozeh, he pretended to be his lord after Dozeh fled the capital.

Geyse's Kingdom


A bandit who appeared in the eastern desert, he created his own kingdom ruling over all thieves and pirates. Using his power, he kidnapped young people from around Zofia, and used them as slaves. When Celica heard about him, she invaded his lands and ended his reign of terror.


A wandering swordsman, he soon came into the service of Geyse. Even though he hated his boss, the witch Sonya made sure that he wouldn't rebel. After Geyse's death, Deen joined Celica's army. After Doma's defeat, he left Valentia with the Hero's Sword and went to another land searching for battle.


A thief working for Geyse, he was defeated by Celica.


A knight working for Geyse, he wants to be seen as a real knight, rather than a thief.


A man known as the Pirate King, he serves King Geyse. When his crew murdered the family of Valbar, Dahha was marked for death by the former knight. When it looked like he was going to defeat Valbar, Celica and her army arrived, and Celica killed him. Could he be related to Gahha?

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