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Title screen.

The sequel to the video game Kwirk, Amazing Tater has the player guiding a potato through a maze. However things are not as simple as they may sound, the player faces many obstacles that block their goal. There are crates that need to be pushed out of the way or into holes in order to move in the maze. Also one must consider the fact that since there are crates and holes in several different shapes and sizes. As a result the player has to plan their every move. Further complicating things, many levels contain different types of spinning doors.

Gameplay Modes


Beginners Mode- This mode functions as a tutorial where all of the basic concepts of the game are explained.

Practice Mode- The player decides how big they want their maze to be, but the levels are then randomized before play

Puzzle Mode- The player must solve 40 puzzles and is scored according to how quickly they finished the puzzle.

Action Mode- Same as puzzle Mode, but this time the player can play through one of two stories.

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